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Re: Introduction & The Voice of the Silence

Aug 30, 2008 03:55 PM
by nhcareyta

Dear Brian

Welcome to this group.

To add to Katinka and Robert's comments, 
perhaps the following passage from Madame 
Blavatsky might add to the discussion 
concerning the passage you quote from the 
Voice of the Silence.

"Psychism, (lower iddhis) with all its 
allurements, and all its dangers, is 
necessarily developing among you, and 
you must beware lest the Psychic outruns 
the Manasic and Spiritual development. 

Psychic capacities held perfectly under 
control, checked and directed by the 
Manasic principle, are valuable aids in 

But these capacities running riot, 
controlling instead of controlled, 
using instead of being used, 
lead the Student into the most dangerous 
delusions and the certainty of moral 

Watch therefore carefully this 
development, inevitable in your race and 
evolution-period so that it may finally 
work for good and not for evil; and receive, 
in advance, the sincere and potent blessings 
of Those whose good-will will never fail you, 
if you do not fail yourselves."  

H P Blavatsky 
Letter To The Fifth Annual Convention Of The
American Section Of The Theosophical Society
Boston, 1891.


--- In, "butchie122" <brianparry@...> 
> Greetings,  I am a new member of the group who became interested in 
> the site following the recent international election postings - 
> of which I thought were hilarious.  I am a long time TS member of 
> Australian Section & the Melbourne Lodge.  With a wide range of 
> interest in most matters theosophical I have a particular interest 
> the first two of the Stanzas of Dzyan, advaita vedanta & the Voice 
> the Silence.
> I would be interested to see a discussion from anyone who actually 
> does what HPB said we should do with The Voice of The Silence,ie, 
> it daily.  By way of starting such a discussion we could focus on 
> first verse; 'these instructions are for those ignorant of the 
> of the lower iddhi'. 
> Most commentators, John Allego being the latest, are careful to 
> explain these iddhis & the dangers, but if that is all there is to 
> then the rest of the book can be ignored.  The focus in the first 
> verse is on our ignorance.  We can know ABOUT the danger by 
> but knowing the dangers is quite a different matter. Our daily use 
> the book begins with our awareness of our ignorance.  In this 
> awareness of ignorance is a positive quality. Any comments will be 
> welcome

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