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CORRECTION: More on the KH Commentary Frank has referred to.....

Aug 23, 2008 08:36 PM
by danielhcaldwell

In gathering the material together for my last posting at:

I got completely confused and cited the WRONG material!!!

In the posting I wrote:

> 7 or so months later in Judge's OWN Theosophical
> magazine THE PATH, he as editor ALLOWS the lead article written by
> Julia Keightley to give out to the public a good number of 
> from this SAME KH material. The article attributes this material to
> "the Master", "the Adept" and "an Oriental Adept."
> Julia prefaces the quotations as follows:
> "...let us read some remarks fron an Oriental Adept which came into
> our possession many months ago...."
> See the relevant pages of THE PATH at:

I had in my mind actually two of Julia's OTHER articles in which she
quotes from the "KH Commentary" UNDER CONSIDERATION.

The one article is the 1890 one I had cited earlier today.  


THE PATH, August 1890, p. 157.

BUT the one that I should have referred to was Julia's article
in the AUGUST 1889 issue, pp. 149-150 of THE PATH.  

The relevant text from Julia's article reads:

...The only statement at all to the point, from what "I myself" 
consider authority, is found in some MSS. remarks made by an 
Adept...I share them with my comrades without attempting to draw from 
them any support of any theory whatever, or its denial.  They do not 
cover the ground, nor were they intended to do so....."All illnesses, 
diseases, and abnormalities of the body come from astral planes.  The 
physical cannot infect the astral.  The occult and the physical must 
never be mixed up.  It is absolutely necessary to concentrate on one 
or on the other."

"There is good and evil in every point of the universe, and if one 
works, however indirectly, for one's own partiality, one becomes to 
that extent a black magician.  It is necessary when acting to lose 
all sense of identity and become an abstract power.  Occultism 
demands perfect justice and absolute impartiality.  When a man uses 
the powers of nature indiscriminately, with partiality and with no 
regard to justice, it is black magic.  But to help a sick person is 
not black magic, but no personal preference must guide you, .... 
Magic is plower over the forces of nature;  e. g. the Salvation Army, 
by hypnotizing people and making them psychically drunk with 
excitement, is black magic."

I hope this is now correct and is as clear as mud!!


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