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More on the KH Commentary Frank has referred to.....

Aug 23, 2008 08:03 PM
by danielhcaldwell

In reference to the KH Commentary which can be found at:

and to which Frank has referred to in a previous posting
from earlier today, I submit the following ADDITIONAL comments:

In William Q. Judge's unpublished diary for late 1888
I have seen a transcript of much of this material and it is
attributed to Master KH.

Then consider the following:

7 or so months later in Judge's OWN Theosophical
magazine THE PATH, he as editor ALLOWS the lead article written by
Julia Keightley to give out to the public a good number of quotations
from this SAME KH material. The article attributes this material to
"the Master", "the Adept" and "an Oriental Adept."

Julia prefaces the quotations as follows:

"...let us read some remarks fron an Oriental Adept which came into
our possession many months ago...."

See the relevant pages of THE PATH at:

Some of this SAME material from the KH Commentary was ALSO used in 
March 1891 in the following document.

AT MME. BLAVATSKY'S OWN DIRECTION, Mr. Judge started a periodical for
the American Esoteric School students titled: Suggestions and Aids.

In the March 1, 1891 issue of "S & A", one finds that one of
HPB's esoteric groups had written a paper titled:


See link below which shows the 2 relevant pages from this 
particular "Suggestions and Aids":

The article "The Seven Worlds" starts at the bottom of page

If you look on page 344 at what I have marked as line 15 you will
see the words: (MS. of a Teacher.) Line 1 (on page 343) which
is a diagram and lines 2-15 on page 344 have been quoted/paraphrased
from the KH manuscript or Commentary.

>From this S & A document, one can conclude that one of HPB's
esoteric groups was given a copy of the KH Commentary which was 
credited in the paper as simply:

(MS. of a Teacher.)

This shows that the KH Commentary was being used even by
one of HPB's esoteric groups AS EARLY AS March 1891.

In other words, acknowledgement to this KH/Teacher Commentary or 
manuscript was given in the esoteric periodical that Mr. Judge 
started under the directions of HPB herself who was still alive at 
this time.

ADDITIONAL material relating to the KH Commentary could be cited but 
this is more than enough for now with my previous posting.


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