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A Few Other Suggested "Gateways" to HPB's teachings.

Aug 20, 2008 01:58 PM
by danielhcaldwell

I gave one suggested "gateway" in my
posting at:

But I want to list 3 other titles which would be
very helpful to readers and students who want to
learn more about what HPB taught.

The first book is THE DIVINE PLAN by Geoffrey A.
Barborka.  See this page at:

This "Table of Contents" page gives a detailed breakdown of the 
subjects covered in Mr. Barborka's book.

Mr. Barborka's book can also be viewed as a sourcebook
of important extracts and statements taken directly from
HPB's magnum opus.

Mr. Barborka is using what I call the "jiggle-saw" puzzle
technique to study THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

In other words by combing thru the 2 volumes of "The Secret
Doctrine" by SUBJECT, one finds that the various extracts fit
together like jig-saw puzzle pieces and one can then see at least a 
glimpse of the overall "picture" or "design" of certain teachings or 
themes in the SD.

Also the INDEX to Mr. Barborka's book serves, in effect, as a
Sanskrit and Theosophical dictionary and glossary.  Mr. Barborka 
carefully defines many Sanskrit and Theosophical terms used by HPB 
and all of this is accessible thru the index.  Very, very helpful.

And of course, one could use the material in THE DIVINE PLAN to FLESH 

Unfortunately, Mr. Barborka's DIVINE PLAN is not online but one can 
purchase a paperback copy for $20.00 (USA).  This is a small price to 
pay for all the material one gains access to by purchasing this 

Another useful title that helps the student not only understand HPB's 
and the Masters' teachings on life after death, but also ties in with 
the study of ESOTERIC BUDDHISM is Geoffrey Farthing's book titled:

"After Death Consciousness and Processes"

See more about this title at:

This work by Mr. Farthing is a compendium of much of the information 
on the subject in the original literature of H.P. Blavatsky and her 

Mr. Farthing has, in effect, taken the time and effort to go thru the 
voluminous writings of HPB and the Masters and has extracted much 
relevant information and has put it all together in an ordered way.  
Fortunately this volume is ONLINE.

The material in Mr. Farthing's compilation helps to "flesh out" what 
Mr. Sinnett OUTLINED in ESOTERIC BUDDHISM on life after death.

The third helpful volume is written by Adam Warcup.  It is titled:

Cyclic Evolution:  A Theosophical View

For more details and a simple table of contents for this volume, see:

Again Mr. Warcup has gone thru the writings of H.P.B. and the Masters 
and has compiled many of the most relevant extracts and has arranged 
the material in a helpful subject approach.

Mr. Barbrka, Mr. Farthing and Mr. Warcup have spent years studying 
HPB's and the Masters' writings and have produced these helpful 
sourcebooks which will supplement and complement the study of Mr. 
Sinnett's ESOTERIC BUDDHISM as well as provide helpful study guides 
to the writings of HPB and the Masters.

These three Theosophical authors have also produced a number of other 
important works very helpful to interested readers and students of 


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