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Prayer to the Absolute or to God or to Yahweh or to Odin or the Virgin Mary....

Aug 03, 2008 12:11 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Anand, you write:

"But the problem is Blavatsky rejects devotion to even Absolute. If 
you read quotations of Blavatsky given earlier by anandam, you find 
that Blavatsky says it is impossible to worship or pray to Absolute. 
This position is against Krishna's path of devotion."

But, Anand,  why would "you" want to give "devotion," "worship" 
or "prayer" to "the Absolute"?

Of course, it depends upon what you understand these words to mean.

Most Christians I know pray to God for "help" or "favors" 
or "blessings". 

Take people who pray in war.

In World War II, many American soldiers on the battlefield, no doubt, 
prayed to God or Jesus or some saint to protect them from the bullets 
of the Germans.  And many German soldiers on that same battlefield 
probably were praying to God or Jesus to protect them from the 
bullets of the Americans.

Now Anand, if God answers prayers, whose prayer should he answer?  
The American soldier's prayer or the German soldier's prayer?

Or take something more current.

The current President Bush is always asking God to bless America.  
President Bush says he prays to God.

But I'm sure when Mr. Bush decided to send American troops to invade 
Iraq, that tens of thousands of innocent Iraqui men, women and 
children may have also prayed to God to protect them from the bombs 
and bullets of the American troops.

Who did God listen to?

And which God was doing the listening?

I assume Mr. Bush was praying to the "God" of the Old and New 
Testaments, Yahweh.

Probably most of the Iraqis were praying to Allah.

So if it was the same God everyone was praying to, how would "he" 
decide to answer anyone's prayers.  But maybe there were two Gods 
being prayed to.  Then what happens??

Now these may be not your "normal" everyday examples of prayer, but 
it does make a thinking and inquirying mind stop and wonder and ask 
some hard questions?

Some of the Germanic peoples used to pray to Odin.  Was this praying 
to a real "God", the deity or what?

As to "worship" or "devotion", maybe I will give a few thoughts in 
another posting.  Maybe not.


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