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Maitreya at court with Leadbeater

Jun 29, 2008 12:18 PM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

To all readers

My views are:

The following links might be helpful to some of you...
You can e-mail members in your own branches or "groups" about their content.
The issue deserves a close examination.

Here are some of the PDF-files from the C. W. Leadbeater court cases

The following has info about Esoteric Sections involvement before the CWL trial 16th may 1906:

July 4th and 5th, 1908."

"For those two years
we have held our tongues publicly, and our tongues
would have been silent still, but for the extraordinary
and incalculably harmful attempts which have since
been and are now being made in India, America, and
here, to rehabilitate Mr. Leadbeater under the guise
of brotherhood-to associate him with Theosophical
work and propaganda-to allow him to pose as a
teacher in Theosophical journals-to press for his readmission
(without public recantation) into the
Society-to hold him up in respect to these very practices
as a moral teacher whom we are practically incapable
of understanding, and, abo\e all, to set forth
to the Society and the world that these doctrines and
practices are to be one of the foundations of the
Theosophy of the future.

The next point I wish to make is that we have
absolutely no personal animus whatever against Mr.
Leadbeater. No one mourns more than we do the
fact that he has placed himself in this position, and that
he has, as we honestly believe, proved untrue to real
Theosophical teachings. But we also believe that
there is something much higher than Mr. Leadbeater,
and that is Theosophy itself, and it is because we
belie\e that his action, teaching, and practices in this
respect are harmful to Theosophy, and that the ad\ocacy
by and action of his friends and upholders will,
if continued, wreck and ruin-not Theosophy, for that
is impossible-but the Theosophical Society throughout
the world, and will render the public propaganda
of Theosophy impossible, that we move this resolution
here to-day. We ask the British Section of the Theosophical
Society in Convention assembled to affirm
clearly and unequivocally, by its voice and vote, that
it will have no lot nor part in this incalculably harmful
doctrine, teaching, and practice." 
. . . 
"The actual charge against Mr. Leadbeater was
that he deliberately taught masturbation or self-abuse
to boys in his care, under a pledge of secrecy and unknown
to their parents"
. . . 
"He admitted that the charge which was
brought against him of teaching self-abuse to boys was
true and also admitted something else which both
here and in America would bring him within the pale
of the criminal law.
Mr. Thomas put this question to him: "There
was definite action?"
Mr. Leadbeater : " You mean touch. That might
have taken place."
That of course is nothing less than indecent

"Is it conceivable that these boys were so morally
depraved that self-abuse was the only thing which
could be taught them as cure by a high and lofty
Theosophical teacher? Will any father in this audience
dare to stand up and assert that if he discovered
that his own boy was sexually depraved he would
thereupon recommend to him further sexual abuse as a
remedy? The contention is an insult to intelligence --
and morality. Rather would he, by complete changes
in mental surroundings, proper physical training, careful
diet, change of scene, and above all, wise moral
teaching, try to wean his son from everything sexual,
by turning all his thoughts in an entirely opposite
direction. And here he would be in exact consonance
with every high medical authority and every teacher
who has had the training of boys. But if we take the
other side of the case it becomes infinitely worse.
Take it that most of the boys were innocent, and
there is no proof whatever that they were not.
In his letter of February 27th, 1906, Mr. Leadbeater
distinctly advocates the teaching of self-abuse to such
boys before "the danger of entanglement with women
or bad boys later on." (I use his own exact words.)"

"In a letter from Colonel Olcott to Mr. Leadbeater,
of January 12th, 1907, the Colonel says : " The Masters
have told both Annie and myself that your teaching-
young boys to relieve themselves is wrong."
(Herbert Burrows, G.R.S. Mead and others)

"In his Presidential Address at the Adyar Anniversary Meeting, December
29, 1906 (see General Report, p. 3), referring to the Leadbeater case,
and to the specific question as to whether Mr. Leadbeater's teaching was
right or wrong, Col. Olcott stated:

"So when Mahatma M. came to me last Friday night I asked Him the
question, and He replied 'wrong.'"

In a letter to Mr. Leadbeater, dated January 12, 1907, Colonel Olcott
writes on his death-bed:
"Both Mahatma M. and Mahatma K. H. assured me you did well to resign;
that it was right to call a Council to advise upon the matter, and
that I did right in accepting your resignation; but They said we were
wrong in allowing the matter to be made public, for your sake and the
good of the Society. They said you should have stated in your resignation
that you resigned because you had offended the standard of ideals of the
majority of the members of the Society by giving out certain teachings
which were considered objectionable. . . . They have told both Annie
and myself that your teaching young boys to . . . is wrong."

In Colonel Olcott's report of one of the Adyar "interviews," dated
January 11, 1907, in reply to a leading question, the answer reported is:
"No we cannot tell you this, for that concerns himself alone, but it is
different when he teaches things to others that will harm.""

Here are some of the PDF-files from the Annie Basant court cases between Annie Besant and the alledged Meitreya's father in 1912, with additional content and papers, and PDF-files.

Truth v. The Neo-T.S.
"The learned judge found, however, that the principle which Mr.
Leadbeater openly avowed from the witness box was frankly immoral
in character, and therefore found in the affirmative upon the 8th
issue,-did the defendant permit the children to associate with a person
of immoral character?"

M. Sufilight

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