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Jun 28, 2008 11:27 PM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

To all readers

My views are:

Those of you who have read the below Report, could tell us more about how many versions of the original draft there is available today and their level of differences?
And which one is the most reliable and why.

To those of you who have not read it. 
Here are the report from the Leadbeter trial from London, May 16th 1906.


Some of the related letters are here:

Annie Besant's letter 27th july 1906 - after the above report was out of the closet...

"Having received additional evidence from the American Section of the TS against CWL, Annie Besant issued a circular letter to members of the E.S. on 27th July 1906. It represented a major and dramatic shift in her attitude towards him for she declared that "Mr Leadbeater is so obviously convinced of the propriety of the practice recommended, that he must either be regarded as, on this point, insane, or a victim of that glamour which is the deadliest weapon of the Dark Powers against those who seek to hasten their evolution by treading the dangerous path of occultism. It is this glamour which, I believe, is enwrapping him." She also wrote: "I have had in Mr Leadbeater a friend, always helpful, always loyal, always kind and considerate, always prompt to sympathize and encourage. My life is the sadder and the poorer for his loss. But the T.S. and E.S. must stand clear from teaching that pollutes and degrades, and it is right that Mr Leadbeater is no longer with us."

- - - - - - -

I write this because it is perfectly clear to me, that a number of present day persons in TS Adyar and branches have not quite understood - the level seriousness - of the matter, and how much Annie Besant was involved with this in an unhealthy manner. She changed views just as much as a Chameleon changes its colours. On top of that C. W. Leadbeater's dualistic theories are the most well-promoted today in a number of various TS circles.

I find it fair to say, that until this event happened the Theosophical Society was still safe and sound. 

After Leadbeaters resignation and how it was handled the organisation was not safe and sound. And Annie Besant allowing him inside after a few years have now almost destroyed any sound theosophical understanding of sexuality. And THAT situaiton about sexuality aught - today - to be changed.

Today people in general are more sexually free. Yet there are still very much a very gray line not to (publicly) cross when talking about pedophilia, rape and homosexuality.

This forum is not often talking about delicate matters. But sometimes the delicacy at stake can be too high. I know that this question has been raised before, but it seems quite unsettled in the TS Adyars camp and other camps of leadership, - well if I have not overlooked something.

- - - - - - -

Did H. P. Blavatsky loose it or was she quite precise in her words on the matter?

 'Esotericism has never proscribed sexual or marital functions created by nature herself. Esotericism works in, with, for nature, and condemns but immorality, abuse and excess. Moreover, of all the animals, man is the most animal in his excesses; the beast has its seasons, but man has none.' (BCW 8:88)

     'Man has fallen to so material a level that it is impossible to suppress sexual passion, but its exaltation is manifestly his ruin. . . . The apotheosis of passion, from the bitter fruit of which man has everlasting need to be redeemed, is the surest sign of moral degradation. Liberty to love according to the impulse of the senses, is the most profound slavery.'
(BCW 12:258)

  'The seclusion of women during the period of menstruation is a time-honoured custom amongst several nations. Elementals, it is said, are easily attracted towards the female during this period; and so are the infernal incubi. If a woman is moving about freely, the contagion of bad magnetic aura is supposed to infect every person and thing in the house and render them amenable to the same influence; and hence seclusion and purification are strictly enjoined in this case by the codes of several nations.' (BCW 6:340-1)

- - -
'Food, sexual relations, drink, are all natural necessities of life; yet excess in them brings on disease, misery, suffering, mental and physical, and the latter are transmitted as the greatest evils to future generations . . .' (ML2 57, MLc 274)

M. Sufilight

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