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Re: Theos-World Re: TS Tradition & Culture

Jun 26, 2008 01:19 AM
by Martin

The race of the Rot (!)weiler dates for more than 5000 years ago as with the Howawart and Czechshepard.
They were originally from Tibet and taken to Europe when Krishna was around.
They became the original founding fathers of the Roman empire later on, when they shared their lives with Romus and Romulus.
However, Krishna said He also lived in a dog as He did in the dogeater, dogs were never allowed into His temples. I wonder about dogeaters.....

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Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: TS Tradition & Culture
Date: Wednesday, June 25, 2008, 6:08 PM


...The Rottweiler and the Puddle...

The local motorcycle gang accidentally named T.S. was well seated in their chosen local bar down town. I was a hot summerday and the sky was almost without a cloud. Last time it rained was three weeks ago.

This small guy named Nasrudin was out walking with his dwarf puddle. Outside the bar was a huge rottweiler seated tied with a chain to a fine looking motobike. The huge rottweiler was the property of the leader of the motorcycle gang. The leader of the motorcycle gang was a tall guy weighing well above 400 pounds.

The Rottweiler saw the puddle and jumped...

A minute later Nasrudin walks into the bar and asks: "Who owns the huge rottweiler outside?" 

One leader of the gang says "That's my dog tied up outside." 

Nasrudin says "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid my puddle just killed yours." 

The leader laughed "Your dog killed my rottweiler? How did your puddle do that?"

"Well, I think he choked on him."

M. Sufilight

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Hey you don't send a poodle to fight a rottweiler

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Obviosuly the dove is persecuted after landing by the good humans.

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Subject: Theos-World Re: TS Tradition & Culture
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Date: Monday, June 23, 2008, 9:35 AM

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> But I saw no landing-place for the weary unwelcome foot of the white
> dove of truth

I always found this image very funny. Feet usually become weary
because of long walking, not flying. So imagine the white dove who is
running around like a hen and cackling her truth!

> "Thou shalt not find fault with a brother's views or activities."

I think that the leaders of the Society should be excluded from that
principle. Otherwise application of this principle will make them
exempt of critics.

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