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Re: Theos-World Hello China, Atheism does not work

Jun 25, 2008 00:39 AM
by Anand

Whole business of questioning, doubting and rejecting authority, which
Krishnamurti has started is in my opinion wrong at a very fundamental
level. It is based on false logic. 
My country has made many laws. Should I go and start breaking those
laws irrespective of whether they are sensible or not ? No.
Psychological and spiritual anarchy which Krishnamurti creates is
extremely dangerous. 
Sometimes I feel M.K. Gandhi (known as Mahatma Gandhi) based his
philosophy of non-cooperation with the British government on the
philosophy of J. Krishnamurti. M.K. Gandhi taught people to not to
cooperate with the government. It created anarchy. Because of
non-cooperation from people the British left India. Result was country
left with no effective government in place. Because of the vacuum
created, Hindus and Muslim engaged in vilonce on enormous scale. You
can guess whose fault it is. Annie Besant was completely against
non-cooperation taught by M.K. Gandhi as she knew that if people start
breaking laws, running the country will be almost impossible.
What Krishnamurti is telling is Christian should not believe in the
teaching of Jesus, Buddhist should not believe in what Buddha taught
and Hindus should not believe in what Krishna taught. That effectively
leaves people with no moral considerations for their actions. And that
is the state of criminal minds.

Anand Gholap

--- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@...> wrote:
> We think we have freedom in the west, until we step outside and
begin to question that authority.  Ask any whistleblower.   
> Cass
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> Subject: Re: Theos-World Hello China, Atheism does not work
> Anand wrote:
> >composition has not helped China much. Western countries are Christian
> and they have democracy, freedom etc. whereas atheist China does not
> have them.
> Mmmh, your unworldly statements make me fun.
> I live in a Western country, but we have no democracy and no freedom 
> here.
> So it seem that theism or the judeo-christian monster god does not work 
> better.
> Frank
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