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Re: Hello China, Atheism does not work

Jun 24, 2008 02:08 PM
by Anand

> According to the data which I have found in Russian internet, there is 
> less that 1% of buddhists in China (btw, close to 0.7% in USA), while 
> in muslim Malaysia (according to data on the site of association 
> "Buddhism in internet" ( there are more than 40% of 
> buddhists 
> Other sources give other numbers, though also small.
> On one site connected with a christian orthodox church the following 
> numbers are given: "Today no any religuious current in China cannot be 
> regarded the domiteting: the christians in China count 5-6%, while 
> buddhists are around 7%. Yet the dynamics of growth of christians is 
> amazing: every year both catholics and protestants grow on 13%"
> ( )

1% Buddhists in China seems highly unlikely. You can read this page
and also 
There is some vagueness in the data available about religions in
China. But certainly Buddhism and Taoism, both atheists have
considerable population. Perhaps there is also large population which
does not belong to any major religions in the world.

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