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Re: Hello China, Atheism does not work

Jun 24, 2008 11:26 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "Anand" <AnandGholap@...> wrote:

> You will notice that most of the population belongs to Buddhism and
> Taoism which are atheist religions.

Your data seems to be unreliable. An official ideology in China is 
materialism, and even if there are many buddhists, their voice isn't 
heard ? due lack of democracy. The tibetan buddhism is repressed in 
China, also the taoist sect Falun-dafa which had millions of 

Mahachohan praised buddhism in China in his famous letter (see below).
Leadbeater, being a christian clegryman, accepted buddhism.
The democracy itself, which you praise, was invented in pagan ancient 

This is a quotation from Mahachohan's message:
"As we find the world now, whether Christian, Mussulman or Pagan, 
justice is disregarded and honour and mercy both flung to the winds. 
In a word, how, seeing that the main objects of the T.S. are 
misinterpreted by those who are most willing to serve us personally, 
are we to deal with the rest of mankind, with the curse known as the 
`struggle for life', which is the real and most prolific parent of 
most woes and sorrows and all crimes? Why has that struggle become the 
almost universal scheme of the universe? We answer, because no 
religion, with the exception of Buddhism, has hitherto taught a 
practical contempt for this earthly life, while each of them, always 
with that one solitary exception, has through its hells and damnations 
inculcated the greatest dread of death. Therefore do we find that 
struggle for life raging most fiercely in Christian countries, most 
prevalent in Europe and America. It weakens in the Pagan lands, and is 
nearly unknown among Buddhist populations. (In China during famine and 
where the masses are most ignorant of their own or any religion, it 
was remarked that those mothers who devoured their children belonged 
to localities where there were the most Christian missionaries to be 
found; where there were none, and the Bonzes alone had the field, the 
population died with the utmost indifference.) Teach the people to see 
that life on this earth even the happiest is but a burden and an 
illusion, that it is but our own karma, the cause producing the 
effect, that is our own judge, our saviour in future lives, and the 
great struggle for life will soon lose its intensity. There are no 
penitentiaries in Buddhist lands, and crime is nearly unknown among 
the Buddhist Tibetans." (Letters of Masters of wisdom, vol.I,1)

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