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Apparition in Chechnya

Jun 23, 2008 00:48 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

Today morning on the Russian TV (NTV channel) an interesting report 
was shown.
Governmental forces disclosed a secret place in the ground where the 
terrorists kept weapons. The process of excavation and extraction of 
the weapon was documented by someone of the team on a camera of a 
cellular phone.
When they watched the video, they discovered a half-transparent figure 
in a military uniform who watched the operation; none of them have 
seen it during the actual event.
The experts of a TV channel didn't find any evidences of imposture.
The program which has shown the video wasn't dedicated to the 
paranormal, it was a review of emergency cases of the week; along with 
this there was a report about the thief who couldn't pass through the 
shop window and was stucked on there until police came and other 
things like that.

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