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TS Tradition & Culture

Jun 22, 2008 06:29 AM
by mkr777

Ernest Wood, the well-known theosophist, wrote in his book "Is This
Theosophy?" (which is available on-line -- just Google for it):

But I saw no landing-place for the weary unwelcome foot of the white dove of
truth in the new interpretation of the Society's principle of tolerance:
"Thou shalt not find fault with a brother's views or activities." What a
convenience that sort of tolerance would be to lawbreakers in general, if
only it could be adopted in the outside world!

The silence from the leaders around the world (at all levels), when some of
them were spreading mis/mistaken/erroneous information to their fellow
members on Radha Burniers' health, appears to be based on the above

The book was published over 50 years ago (for years was unavailble in most
TS libraries) and it appears that the culture he was describing seems to
have taken a strong root and still survives today. While proclaiming "THERE
IS NO RELIGION HIGHER THAN TRUTH", the above principle confuses many
ordinary members who are not in the inner circles and newbies.


PS: Anyone who wanted to make their views known could have easily posted it
on this list at no cost to them. But no takers.

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