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Musical Concept

Jun 20, 2008 03:20 AM
by Antonio/Tony None

Dear members,

I am in the process of putting together a musical EP which will address many aspects of Theosophy, Religion, Human history, Conspiracy, End of days theories, Alien life contact, Ancient civilisations, and Secret societies. My aim is to bring to the music world a classic and timeless work of art! 

Right now the project is in the developing stages and I am trying to generate some ideas for the project but I am not yet sure what layout to use or what direction to create the EP in. 

The aim of the EP will be to raise peoples awarness and consciousness in accepting that there is more going on in life than meets the eye. 

To be frank i wish to expose the people at the top of the so called food chain, the overlords that control and manipulate society for what ever means. 

For me it is time to put my money where my mouth is and go all out. I am doing this because i belive this to be my calling in life. 

I am hoping that some of you very smart intellectual people in this group can help me formulate a breath taking arrangement of arguments and topics that i can write about in my songs. The genre will primarily be Hip Hop based so the words will be very effective over the music, and hopefully the listener will be captivated and want to listen on. 

The only thing is i have experimented in the past with ideas and i want to really step things up. So if any of you would be interested in bringing forward some very vital topics of discussion or areas of interest that i may research i would greatfully appreciate it. I need to make the EP as relevent as possible to the youth in todays society so anything you think can contribute to their awakening please forward to me. 

Untill then peace and blessings....

PS if you care to see some of my new musical (Not yet Lyrical creations) then please visit my music page....

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