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Re: Theos-World Constantine

Jun 18, 2008 11:27 PM
by Drpsionic

But everyone knows that Constantine was a Jesuit!

Chuck the Heretic 

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A friend of mine posted this to me and I believe he has raised an interesting point in regard to undermining Christianity in this century and why Constantine hasn't been exposed.? Perhaps Morten you could take up the challenge?
Well jabbing is?better than no offense [nothing] at all, but....... 'someone young?with 
superior literary skills'.... should take up the?challenge, take up where Dan Brown has
left off [as he has?inspired people to question if nothing else] and write the true History 
of Constantine and the lst Council.
There's money to be made for what is by far the most controversial story [and conspiratorial 
plot] in History because it has positively effected, defined and shaped History which Dan Browns
theories?allude to do.
There is a story out there that no one in the Vatican wants to hear.
We've had Alexander, Troy, Arthur, the Kingdom of Heaven....some fairly good Historical
movies but all immensely entertaining.?
I'm waiting for 'Constantine the Great' [subtitle: Creator of the?Catholic Church] to
appear, but my version would challenge the traditional lies and rely heavily on 'AU' ['Antiquity Unveiled'].? So you know there would be?a burning of the Books and DVD's in the streets.?
I'm amazed at the fact that there are no superior occult writers out there who can 'formulate'
this story into a just goes to show you what substandard trash there is in the Masonic, Rosicrucian, Theosophic?and Other Orders.


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