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Re: [Mind and Brain] Re: Characteristics of Pure Energy-Einstein/matter

Jun 16, 2008 03:55 PM
by Leon Maurer

(I thought some of you might be interested in this response to a  
question by a theosophist on a scientific forum studying  
consciousness and cognition.)

On Jun 2, 2008, at 6/2/082:37 AM, Leon Maurer wrote:

Hi John,

The only thing creative in the universe is the consciousness  
(awareness, will) behind the thoughts and the actions resulting from it.

Therefore, it's the consciousness that thinks and acts -- not the  
thought itself or the mind -- which, without thought, is entirely  
passively receptive... And will follow the global or "I AM"  
consciousness, when it takes control to suppress runaway thoughts,  
and wills mind what to think.

There could be no constructive or creative thought in the mind unless  
the individualized consciousness brings up knowledge and ideas from  
its memory banks (coenergetic fields) -- and then discerns,  
discriminates, differentiates and integrates them -- to arrive at a  
new idea... That can then be studied, modified and acted upon by the  
conscious will.  Thus, consciousness can create something new and  
unique, or recreate something that it already knows, and has the  
blueprints for, so to speak.

So, it's the consciousness, whether universal or particular, that  
creates, thinks, determines, decides, acts and builds -- using the  
tools of the mind, memory, brain, body senses, etc. ... Such tools  
are all physical-material, or have some degree of objective  
substantiality -- whether located in metric space or hyperspace... As  
contrasted with the zero-point consciousness that is non-metric or  
insubstantial, and located everywhere (while being entangled** at  
their zero-point base with all other zero-points of consciousness )  
in the underlying ubiquitous non-metric *mother* Space or Aether --  
out of which all metric spacetime arises -- initially, as the fields  
of universal mind and memory within the overall triune field of the  
cosmic spiritual monad. **[At the level of the Aether or primal space  
there is no distance or separation.]

After this initial form (or First Logos) the monad descends through a  
series of fractal involutions... Until, at the third involution  
(Third Logos) our physical-material spacetime gravitational field  
appears a the lowest or fourth frequency energy phase order.  To  
visualize these stages of cosmogenesis, from the primal beginning  
until our 4th world is reached at the third fractal iteration, see: and

At the 4th and lowest frequency-energy phase order, our physical- 
material spacetime, continues dividing though its analogous fractal  
involutions until at its third iteration and fourth energy plane, the  
most compacted ZPE fields in the Planck space of our metric spacetime  
is reached, when symmetry is broken, and all the fundamental  
particles begin to precipitate out -- beginning with the photons of  
light... whose velocity is limited by the 4th level cosmic frequency  
energy phase order of the overall gravitational field of metric  

It follows, that light on the higher order hyperspace planes, i.e.,  
the three worlds above the physical-material plane, would travel at  
equivalent orders of velocity faster than our sidereal light.

When Einstein said, "energy is space in motion," he was referring to  
that metric gravitational spacetime field whose underlying G-force is  
rooted in the spinergy or abstract motion of the initial pre-cosmic  
Aether or mother-father space from which it is directly descended.

Therefore, all subsequent energies that make up the individual  
quantum particles, are also rooted in that abstract motion or  
spinergy (angular spin momentum) -- which is analogously reflected in  
each relative zero-point on each descending spacetime level -- down  
to the zero-point fields in the Planck space that empower the  
fundamental particles.

It's these zero-point spinergy's or 'singularity's" of the primal  
Aether or total space, whose geometric center is subjectively  
conscious and whose surrounding spin momentum or non linear motion is  
the source of all configuration space -- including our visible  
directionally metric space-time and each fractal involved level of  
hyperspace-time -- each having different levels of substantiality or  
total energy.  Thus, each Aether singularity or spinergy at the  
source of the universe. as well as each particle, and gross form of  
matter-energy within it, has its own particular energy level, and is  
inherently conscious.

It follows, that the smaller or more compact the fractal involved  
field in metric spacetime is, the greater its energy.  Physicists  
have recently claimed that the total energy in a cubic centimeter of  
empty space is as great or greater than total energy of the entire  
visible universe.  I think the energy in a cubic millimeter would be  
many orders greater than that -- possibly up to the energy of  
infinite universes at the absolute zero-point itself.

To understand this, one must visualize the entire universe as a  
hologram, where, each level of hyperspace field enfoldment  
surrounding each of its ubiquitous zero-points is analogous to every  
other level, ad infinitum.  Thus, the fractal involved hyperspace  
fields surrounding each particle are analogous to the fields  
surrounding each cell, or the entire human body, as well as those  
surrounding the universe itself.

When the primal Aether's non linear spinergy emanates the first ray  
of G-force on the spiritual plane to form the initial triune hyper- 
spherical field of the newborn cosmos -- electrodynamic energy is  
created by the linear motion of that primal zero-point of Aether  
space that weaves the spherical hyperspacetime fields, which  
fractally descends, at the third logos, to become the overall  
coenergetic electrodynamic fields of physical-material spacetime.

It's this first triune field of cosmic spirit, which includes cosmic  
mind and memory, along with the infinite vibrations of its initial  
spinergy which can carry modulated wave interference patterned  
information, that is the eternal storehouse of all cosmic memory...  
Called the "Akashic record" by the Eastern philosophers and  
theosophists, all the record of comic cyclic existence can never be  
forgotten.  Because of the holographic as well as the coenergetic  
nature of the total space, all the experiential information gained by  
any individual center of phenomenal consciousness, (such as each  
center of human consciousness) is recorded in and stored at the  
highest order hyperspace level -- that we call our spiritual field.   
This field, being coadunate, and therefore, entangled through its  
zero-point with the overall cosmic Akashic field is the basis of  
"karma," or "as you sow, so shall you reap" concepts of both Eastern  
and Western religious philosophers and theosophists.

Your interpretation is substantially correct in that energy follows  
thought -- in the sense that consciousness guides thought, which in  
turn, determines how the energy is constructively (or destructively)  
applied.  However thought does not create energy -- since thought is,  
in itself, vibrating wave patterns on top of vibrational energy that  
also comprises the field of mind that carries the thoughts.  Thus,  
thought IS energy.  And, such energy is ultimately the guide of  
creative construction (that requires lower orders of energy)... As  
thought energy carries the *blueprint* of the conscious driven  
creation, in the form of encoded wave interference patterns of  
information that can be transformed holographically and then  
mechanically into the final construction, drawing, painting,  
composition, etc.

So, we might say that the first cause of any creation is  
consciousness (or spirit)... The second is the G-force spin momental  
source of the initial fields of energy comprising the mind-memory.   
The third is the information of thought (or blueprint) carried by the  
mind-memory fields.  And the fourth is the instrument of the brain- 
body that carries out the fifth or final creation.

In this sense, the entire galactic network and all its intermediate  
and interacting electrodynamic fields could be considered as the self  
constructed brain-body of the universal consciousness.  This  
corresponds to the ancient Hermetic sayings, "The microcosm is the  
mirror of the macrocosm", "As above, so below" and, "Everything can  
be known by analogy and correspondence."

In this model of the cosmos, everything is interconnected through  
their common zero-points of origin, as well as the electrodynamic  
attractive and repulsive nature of polar fields, their phase  
conjugate adaptive resonances, and the overall force of gravity --  
which, not being able to be correlated electrodynamically with the  
other fundamental forces, seems to be the result of the accumulated  
centripetal force of the moving G-force ray weaving each series of  
fractal involved fields surrounding every mass-energy particle or  
composite form -- that has a tendency to be attracted to and return  
to its primal zero point origin.  Thus the greater the mass, the more  
energy is compacted at its central singularity, the greater is its  
attraction of lesser masses.  In this sense, gravity is not an  
individual energy form or force in itself.  Just like instantaneous  
*entanglement* is NOT action at at a distance -- since there is no  
distance or time between zero-points in the Aether vacuum.

All this can be pretty mind boggling to actually visualize for those  
used to dealing with observable things... So, let me know, John, if  
you (or anyone else reading this) needs specific help in connecting  
all the dots.

Best wishes,


On May 31, 2008, at 5/31/081:30 PM, hopefully_helpful_material wrote:
Lenny, in your below message you said that "thought itself is also not
creative". Based on that comment, could you comment some more and
explain and help me to understand the general overall understanding
that I got from all that you have so far written in this forum (of
course my understanding may be incorrect), which is thah the basic
universal reality is that energy follows thought and is the foundation
that naturally guides the evolution of all the forms that exist on
every plane and level that exists. Since, according to my
understanding at this point in time, every thought, word, and deed is
recorded and saved on the plane that I forgot the name of at this
moment. I'm struggling to explain myself here, so please forgive me,
but if thought is "not creative", and, if I have understood you
somewhat correctly in all that you have written, that the only two
things that evolve out of the great unknown un-evolving foundation of
the entire cosmos are consciousness and matter, how should I better
understand the idea that "thought itself is also not creative".

I hope that my not very good way of trying to express myself here is
at least somewhat good enough to get you started to comment and
explain the way you see it. I look forward to your response.

John DeSantis

--- In, Leon Maurer <leonmaurer@...> wrote:

On May 21, 2008, at 5/21/0812:58 PM, Otmar Pokorny wrote:

Thought is pure creative energy.

Thought is actually the manipulation of information carried by the
radiant energy field that is the mind.  Therefore, it's NOT thought
that is creative energy, but it IS the primal force of conscious will
or intent that manipulates the thought to guide creative action that
utilizes energy.

Therefore, energy cannot be creative, nor is it thought, And, it
certainly cannot think.  As Einstein said, "Energy is simply space in
motion" -- which is objectively physical in nature.  It follows that
thought itself is also not creative.

Energy and thought images, then, are *objective quantities* of metric
spacetime.  Conscious creativity, on  the other hand, is a
*subjective quality* of the non-metric Aether foundation of that
metric spacetime.

Therefore, awareness/will, the media of the information of
consciousness, and the information itself are different aspects of
fundamental subjectively-objective nature, or of objectively-
subjective fundamental reality, that cannot be conflated with each
other... but are separate yet interdependent realities.

IOW, consciousness is not thought, thought is not mind or energy, and
consciousness is the only creative force in the universe that drives
and controls both thought and energy through mind, brain, and body.


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