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Theos-World Re: Is Liberal Catholic Church promoting anti-muslim views?

Jun 15, 2008 00:58 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "Morten Nymann Olesen" 
<global-theosophy@...> wrote:

> So I repeat:
> "To emphasize Christian vocabulary and to use the name Liberal 
Catholic Church is not quite theosophical in nature if you ask me. 

Even if it is untheosophical (what is also unproven), it doesn't mean 
that it's antimuslim.

> Truth is often not welcomed.

It's just a futile pathethics.

Read the following paragraphs. If you take it as ant-mualim, you sould 
take it also as anti-christian, as the two religious teachings are 
mentioned in the same contexts, as the deficient theologies:

"I have been trying to expound something of the inner meaning of the 
ceremonies of the Christian Church ? taking that, in the first place 
because it is with that that I am most familiar... I do not wish it to 
be supposed that I have expounded the Christian ceremonies because I 
regard that religion as in any way the best expression of universal 
truth; the fact that I, who am one of its priests, have publicly 
proclaimed myself a Buddhist, shows clearly that that is not my 
So far as its teaching goes, Christianity is probably more defective 
than any other of the great religions, with perhaps the doubtful 
exception of Muhammadanism; but that is not because of any neglect on 
the part of the original Founder to make His system a perfectly 
arranged exposition of the truth, but because most unfortunately the 
ignorant majority of the early Christians cast out from among 
themselves the great Gnostic Doctors, and thereby left themselves with 
a sadly mutilated doctrine. The Founder may perhaps have foreseen this 
failure, for He supplied His Church with a system of magic which would 
continue to work mechanically, even though His people should forget 
much of the early meaning of what He had taught them; and it is 
precisely the force which has lain behind this mechanical working 
which explains the remarkable hold so long maintained by a Church 
which intellectually has nothing to give to its followers. 
Those who profess other religions must not then suppose that I mean 
any disrespect to their faiths because I have chosen for exposition 
that with which I am most familiar. The general principles of the 
action of ceremonial magic which I have laid down are equally true for 
all religions, and each must apply them for himself."

Leadbeater, "The Hidden Side of Things".

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