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Re: Love between J. Krishnamurti and Mrs. Rosalind Rajagopal

Jun 14, 2008 11:37 PM
by Anand

--- In, "Morten Nymann Olesen"
<global-theosophy@...> wrote:
> Ooh. 
> In one of the Hislop books he is said to be 1.51 centimeters. 
> Well most of the time, that is.
> He himself have stated several times, that he is the Avatar of the
Age, and the only one.
> He has also stated, that he sometimes is showing himself in other
forms. One time he came as 4-6 persons in a family to visit another
family member. The 4-6 family members had died a few days before the
incident. At other times he visit people in a female version looking
the same as in the video. Sometimes he changes his look, so that
people are seeing a blue-skinned person, who looks like Krishna.
> Sathya Sai Baba
> "How will you answer questions such as "Is there God"? Where is God
and where is He to be seen?
> The question is, "Is there God or is there no God"? The fact that
the word God is contained in the question asked, namely, "Is there
God", is proof that there is God. If there is no 'God', then the word
'God' would not have come into existence at all. Can anyone name
something which does not exist?
> Something which has no shape or existence cannot get a name. For
argument sake some example like "Gagana Pushpa" meaning flower of sky
may be given but in reality 'Gagana' or sky, 'Pushpa' or flower are in
existence though not together but as separate entities.
> God is everywhere and in everything. The whole creation is from Him
and He is in the creation. So God is Omnipresent."
> But what is his relations to TS Adyar and what is TS Adyar's
relations to him as Avatar and possibly the "Torchbearer"?

In India there had been in every century some people who were advanced
spiritually. Perhaps such spiritually advanced people always exist in
other parts of the world also. In Bible such men are called as prophets. 
These spiritually advanced people are  I think tread different paths
for spiritual development. So their methods of spiritual development
are different. Some promote path of devotion, some promote meditation,
some create their unique path or method and promote it. Even if some
of them are genuine, the word Avatar is used by Besant and Leadbeater
to refer teaching given by Bodhisattva himself or through some disciple. 
When I read HPB's prophesy about Torch Bearer, I feel that she was not
referring Avatar. I think she was referring to somebody in
Theosophical tradition who would continue her work. World-Teacher word
was used to refer Avatar. I think HPB was not referring Avatar, she
was just referring a person who would continue work in Theosophical

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