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Re: Theos-World Re: Love between J. Krishnamurti and beautiful Rosalind Rajagopal

Jun 14, 2008 07:13 PM
by Augoeides-222

   This might be a good time to view a video of Satya Sai Baba:


One thing that surprised me in this video was I always had the impression that he was a quite tall person, I was disabused of that idea by this video.
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> To all readers
> My views are:
> Anyone can be mislead by anything. And what is leading one person
towards liberation and Moksha - is misleading another into falsness
and ignorance.
> 1.
> Anand wrote:
> "I have good relations with many Jesuits."
> Sure, I expected that.
> :-)
> Are you saying that there are no Christian's and in false sheeps
clothes pretending to be humble, mild and meek?

I did not say that. There is not one organization without some bad
people. So I don't think the TS or the Society of Jesus are free from

> So you are saying that the Jesuit Loyola doctrine is not a teaching
on black magic?

> 2.
> Anand wrote:
> "And because of her own shortcomings
> she attracted opposition from many different people."
> And you are saying that towards a high initiate who were able to
materialise and dematerialise her physical body at will?

People on left hand path also can make miracles.

Blavatsky's attacks on Jesuit organization appear strange to me. Love
and service are main features of Christianity. Blavatsky said
Theosophy is altruism. But reality is 1800 years before Blavatsky's
birth Jesus taught that loving others and serving others are most
important. So Blavatsky's opposition to Christianity seems to be not
proper. Perhaps her strong opposition was her temporary reaction to
problems created by some Jesuits. 
I did not see anything in Jesuits objectionable. Many of them have not
read Theosophy, but not knowing is not a sin, as many of them are on
the path of virtue anyway.
Anand Gholap


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