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H S Olcott

Jun 14, 2008 06:55 PM
by mkr777

In a writeup in the Chennai newspaper on Olcott, there are two significant

First one, describes how he collected rare manuscripts in Chennai. The
second was a significant that shows his dedication to the TS.

It is also significant that in those days, the conditions in Chennai was
quite harsh -- heat and slow transportation. None of those who went to Adyar
from the West and stayed there ever complained about it.


"It was a time when people weighed their manuscripts and sold them for
money. Olcott dorai would venture into the streets of Madras on his
self-designed cart, wait on the thinnais of homes and eat what little people
offered. Before leaving, he would offer some money in return for those
manuscripts that he deemed priceless," G. Sundari of the Theosophical
Society cheerfully recalls a grandmother's tale. "Olcott dorai, that's how
my grandma referred to him."

Thanks to him, a precious collection of manuscripts has been preserved at
the Adyar Library he founded. He also established schools in Chennai,
including the century-old Olcott Memorial High School in Besant Nagar.

Service was his second nature and, not surprisingly, he thought what he did
was grossly insufficient, as is evident in this episode recalled by Annie
Besant in Reminiscences of Colonel H.S. Olcott, a publication of The
Theosophical Publishing House.

"One day I said to him: Henry, I believe you would cut off your right hand
for the Society. `Cut off my right hand!' He cried; `I'd cut myself into
little pieces if it would do the Society any good.' And so, verily, would he
have done."


Full article here:

M K Ramadoss


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