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Re: Theos-World J. Krishnamurti and beautiful Rosalind Rajagopal

Jun 13, 2008 11:34 AM
by mkr777

One book which was very very rare at theosophical libraries for a long time,
is Ernest Wood's book "Is This Theosophy?" which had some not very
complimentary statements about some of the TS leaders etc.

It is a pity that Radha Sloss did not have the courage to publish it when K
& her dad Rajagopal was alive. Also at that time some of the contemporaries
of Rosalind -- the trustees of K Trust were also alive. Then it would have
been more interesting for those interested in the details of the


On 6/13/08, <> wrote:
> I can state absolutely that the Olcott Library carried the book about K's
> relationship with Rosalind written by Mary Lyutens. It was available to
> anyone who could access the library, which included pretty much anyone with
> a library account. And I can categorically state that this was available
> during Dr. Algeo's presidency, and even today.
> Marie
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> Subject: Re: Theos-World J. Krishnamurti and beautiful Rosalind Rajagopal
> At least some of the officers of TS in America knew full details.
> There was one Austin Bee who was an officer of TSA who was also a Trustee
> of
> K Trust of which Rajagopal was the president and later California Attorney
> General and K sued the Trust and Trustees.
> He seems to have worked with Rosalind for years. When Bee was on the TSA
> board, most TSA members did not know of this fact. John Algeo was President
> of TSA at that time.
> mkr
> On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 9:15 AM, Anand <<>>
> wrote:
> > Mary Lutyens wrote
> >
> > > RS's (Radha Sloss') main accusation against Krishnamurti is that
> >
> > he had a physical
> > > relationship for many years with her mother, Rosalind Rajagopal, while
> > > maintaining "a chaste image". The physical relationship is not in
> > dispute
> > > and should not come as a shock. It certainly did not surprise or
> > shock me
> > > when K told me (Mary Lutyens) about it. I knew about his
> > relationship with Rosalind
> > > before
> > > I wrote the last volume of my biography but did not realize that
> > Rosalind
> > > wanted her adultery broadcast to the world.
> >
> > It is very strange. In India hardly anybody knows that Krishnamurti
> > involved in such physical relationship with a married woman for
> > decades. Many people including officers in the TS are under the wrong
> > impression that he was a Messiah.
> > Radha Burnier, the President of TS is promoting Krishnamurti. Doesn't
> > she know this side of Krishnamurti ? Perhaps she has not read book of
> > Radha Sloss. Next time when she visits America, I hope somebody will
> > present her the book of Radha Sloss.
> >
> >
> >
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