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Re: Theos-World J. Krishnamurti and beautiful Rosalind Rajagopal

Jun 13, 2008 07:24 AM
by mkr777

At least some of the officers of TS in America knew full details.

There was one Austin Bee who was an officer of TSA who was also a Trustee of
K Trust of which Rajagopal was the president and later California Attorney
General and K sued the Trust and Trustees.

He seems to have worked with Rosalind for years. When Bee was on the TSA
board, most TSA members did not know of this fact.  John Algeo was President
of TSA at that time.


On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 9:15 AM, Anand <> wrote:

>   Mary Lutyens wrote
> > RS's (Radha Sloss') main accusation against Krishnamurti is that
> he had a physical
> > relationship for many years with her mother, Rosalind Rajagopal, while
> > maintaining "a chaste image". The physical relationship is not in
> dispute
> > and should not come as a shock. It certainly did not surprise or
> shock me
> > when K told me (Mary Lutyens) about it. I knew about his
> relationship with Rosalind
> > before
> > I wrote the last volume of my biography but did not realize that
> Rosalind
> > wanted her adultery broadcast to the world.
> It is very strange. In India hardly anybody knows that Krishnamurti
> involved in such physical relationship with a married woman for
> decades. Many people including officers in the TS are under the wrong
> impression that he was a Messiah.
> Radha Burnier, the President of TS is promoting Krishnamurti. Doesn't
> she know this side of Krishnamurti ? Perhaps she has not read book of
> Radha Sloss. Next time when she visits America, I hope somebody will
> present her the book of Radha Sloss.

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