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TS - Elections

Jun 11, 2008 12:25 PM
by mkr777

Dear Brother/Sister:

In TS in America and now in the International elections, on the ballot
besides each of the candidates is listed the names of nominators. In the
April 2008, issue of "Messenger", an Official Member's Supplement to the
Quest Magazine, under the heading "Why Vote?", it says:

""But I'am not familiar with the candidates!". Since this is a big country
and you may not personally know the candidates on the ballot, we have a
system of nominators. Each candidate is listed with a set of nominators ?
others in the Society who vouch for or support that candidate. When you
recognize the names of one or more of the nominators, you can feel more
certain about your vote."

The implication of the above is very clear.

Only candidate running for the position of National President is Betty
Bland. The Nominators listed below her name on the ballot are:

Ed Abdill
John Algeo
Robert Elwood
John Kern
Joy Mills

After Betty Bland sent her letter to members voting in the International
Election misinforming members about the poor physical and mental health of
Radha Burnier with the intent of getting John Algeo elected, when
incontrovertible information came out later confirming Radha Burnier's
physical and mental fitness, no communication was sent to members by Betty
correcting her earlier information about Radha Burnier's ill health.

I was surprised that, all the above long-time member-nominators have been
silent and have not said a word. I think it is the duty of every one of us
to do what we can, when incorrect information is fed to uninformed members
to correct them in the important matter of election of the International

The above facts speak for itself. I will leave it to the readers to draw
their own conclusions.

M K Ramadoss, Member, San Antonio, Texas, USA


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