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Re: TS Election - Processing of Ballots

Jun 10, 2008 00:07 AM
by Anand

--- In, mkr777@... wrote:
> I had an exchange of messages with a TS member. This shows how a
member is
> thinking.
> *********
> Member:
> Do the other sections around the world intercept the international
> in the way that Wheaton does? Just curious if the election are
handled the
> same around the world
> MKR:
> I think each section handles its own ballots and the results are sent to
> Adyar.
> Member:
> So there is a filtration process
> MKR:
> I think it is a matter of practical logistics. If all the votes were
to be
> sent to Adyar, in the old days, it would have been impractical. I do not
> have any question about the integrity of the process. It is simply a
> question of transparency of the process and immediate announcement
of the
> voting results at the National level as soon as the votes are counted.
> Member:
> I've always thought that the process was suspect. The names of every
> "secret" ballot is plainly listed on the outside of the enclosed
ballot, so
> that when ballots arrive at the collection site they can be immediately
> identified. The current office holders at national HQ collect and
secure the
> ballots until counted, even when these office holders are running for an
> office or have nominated one or more of the candidates.
> MKR:
> I agree. I think it would be a good idea to have a third party such as a
> national accounting firm to handle the ballots, like what they do
with Oscar
> nominations. That way, a disinterested third party is responsible
and we all
> can have confidence in the process.

This process of voting does not seem to be safe and proper. I also
feel that officers had their own allegiance, and some of them are
quite "faithful" in action in supporting their preferred candidate "by
all means". 
In India when elections for the government are held, balloting process
is different. It is not possible to detect who voted for whom. 
Citizen is given one slip for voting, the reception of which he
acknowledges by signing  before his name. He takes that blank voting
slip to a corner, where nobody can see his voting preference. Then he
has to put stamp on the symbol of the preferred candidate and he drops
the slip into the ballot box. His name is not written on the voting
All ballot boxes are carried to a central location. There slips are
counted before many independent observers. These votes are generally
in millions. So they do counting in different parts of the country.
In case of the TS, where perhaps not more than 20,000 people vote, it
should be easily possible to carry ballot boxes to Adyar and open them
before the observers from different sections.
I am increasingly feeling that whole constitution of the TS needs to
be revised and many improvements should be done.
Anand Gholap

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