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TS - Elections - Transparency

Jun 08, 2008 08:29 AM
by mkr777

We have discussed the need for transparency of operations of TS at all
levels and how transparency is not only needed in the current day
environment but also will help everyone. It is going to take time for the
change to take place because of TS has been operated in less than
transparent mode for too long a time. While, we have dedicated, long time
members at all levels of the organization, and we trust everyone, the
foundation of a democratic organization is transparency.

At the present time, when we have a heavily contested election, especially
when attempts were made from the top levels to pass on to members
inaccurate/incorrect information about the current president's health with a
view to influence the voting members to get John Algeo elected, transparency
in the balloting and tallying process is very essential. It is also very
easy to implement since in the US and other countries, the process is fairly
well-known and operated for a long time. However, members know very little
of the details how it is handled in the National Sections.

All it needs is to make public the deadline for receipt of ballots. Next,
notify on the website(s) and maillists, a week in advance when and where the
counting takes place and announce who the tellers are.

This way if any member wants to witness the tallying process, they can do
so. Once the counting is done, announce the results immediately on the
websites and maillists. This is how it is done in all democratic elections.
I do not see any reason why all sections of the TS cannot do it.

M K Ramadoss, Member, San Antonio, Texas, USA


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