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Krishnamurti and "overshadowing"

Jun 05, 2008 11:53 PM
by gregory

Leadbeater?s original theory was that Krishnamurti would be ?overshadowed?
by Maitreya ? that is Krishnamurti?s personality would be replaced by that
of Maitreya for a period (just as Leadbeater taught that Jesus was
?replaced? by Maitreya for some three years). Just where Krishnamurti the
person would go and what he would be doing during the period of
?occupation? by Maitreya never seems to have been explained.

As Krishnamurti became more ?difficult? Leadbeater modified this theory
slightly to suggest that the ?overshadowing? would be partial and/or
temporary. Thus he and Beasant claimed that here were occasions when
Krishnamurti was ?overshadowed? and Maitreya spoke through him. This led
to some differences of opinion amongst the esoteric elite as to just when
Krishnamurti was speaking and when Maitreya was speaking through him.

Wedgwood originally held to the single ?overshadowing? theory but fairly
quickly came to believe that different people might be ?overshadowed? at
different times without a single manifestation for a specific period of

When Krishnamurti began to disappoint his creators various theories
emerged to explain what was happening. Beasant never seems to have said
anything and there is something of an impression from her words that she
actually believed the Coming had come, albeit in an entirely unpalatable
way for most of those who had prepared for it. Leadbeater clearly stated
to a number of people that ?the Coming has gone wrong? although without a
precise explanation as to what that meant. His comments, however, clearly
suggested that Krishnamurti was responsible for ?blocking? the

Wedgwood simply claimed that ?the Blacks? had taken control of
Krishnamurti ? although he does not seem to have expanded on this
fascinating theory. He did, however, identify for some close disciples of
his the identity of the ?eminent Black Magician? who had ?taken over?
Krishnamurti at Ommen.

Arundale and Hodson and a few others sought to develop some sort of
semi-coherent explanation for the collapse of the whole venture, but their
efforts were unimpressive.

Alas, this was not a theme on which Krishnamurti himself offered opinions.

Eminent Theosophists mostly seem to have attempted a retreat from the
whole affair, even suggesting that there had never been a positive claim
that the Coming was to come or, if it was, that it had anything to do with
Krishnamurti. The whole Krishnamurti-TS(Adyar) story has been
substantially revised or ?corrected? in some publications.

Dr Gregory Tillett


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