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Re: [jcs-online] Re: One organism -- one consciousness

Jun 05, 2008 11:37 PM
by Leon Maurer

On May 28, 2008, at 5/28/088:17 AM, Alfredo Pereira Jr. wrote:

> Dear Jonathan:
> Great post as always, with great beginning and some theoretical
> progress IMHO: your clear acceptance of the idea "one organism-one
> consciousness".
> However, the idea of a colony of cells, each one having global
> knowledge as Leibiniz' Monads, and acting coherently together like in
> a Hollywood movie, is too marvelous for my non-native words!
> Actually, the members of the GM orchestra played each one her part
> written by a less famous arranger (Joe Garland), and Fred and Ginger
> feet followed their brains, as well as Pelé's.
> I am sure you know all these facts very well, but you seem to be in
> the mood of poetry, favoring a "magic" explanation that makes things
> more enigmatic than they need to be.

> Returning to the nucleus of the problem, yes, there are sentient
> cells and they not share their sentience by means of action
> potentials (axonal communication). But they have other forms of
> communication, that combine several resources: synchronization of
> graded potentials, electric synapses, astroglial "hubs", nitric oxide
> diffusion and hormone (neuropeptide) signaling, among others.
> You still have show why cells cannot construct conscious Gestalts by
> means of these communication channels.

L.M: But, all those action potentials and communication channels, of  
admittedly sentient cells, depend on serial processing -- which seems  
to me to be a very cumbersome way to explain the gestalt self- 
reflected or "I AM" consciousness -- that is simultaneous with the  
multiple cellular perceptions (vide: the rods and cones of the  
retinas).  Also, these processes offer no mechanism for transmitting  
or assembling the separate consciousness of those individual cells  
into a unified individual awareness that is centered at a single  
geometric point in the middle of the head -- which is the reference  
point to control the relative position in 3-D objective space of the  
body and its extremities (although, this gestalt image is actually  
experienced as separate image points at each sentient cell on the  
retinas).   Also, there is no scientific or rational explanation  
through the medium of such objective electrochemical processes, to  
explain the cause and nature of subjective consciousness (awareness,  
will, qualia, etc.).

In my view, which seems to agree with Jonathan's, all this could be  
much more easily accounted for by some sort of parallel processing  
through the medium of electrodynamic fields (to which the body is  
totally transparent) -- coupled with the entangled zero-points of  
consciousness that is the fundamental quality of the ubiquitous  
Aether or primal space underlying all metric spacetime -- as well as  
the generator of all fundamental particles and their composite forms  
of matter-energy (including every sentient being).

Accordingly, the conscious gestalt, then, would not be constructed by  
each cell... But, constructed by the center of self reflective or I  
AM perceptive consciousness (located at the individual zero-point in  
the center of the overall highest order hyperspace body field) that  
is *entangled* with the head-centered focal point of vision --  
apparently, located within the Pineal gland that also controls the  
light sensitive emission of melatonin.

Since the zero-point spin momentum, ZPE, or spinergy (infinite  
angular spin momentum of the ubiquitous aether), is the primal  
energetic source of all forms of matter -- this source could also be  
instrumental (through its infinite information carrying power) in  
maintaining the ideal informational model and structural integrity of  
all composite sentient beings.  It seems evident, then, that all  
fields starting with the ZPE fields, and extending to the highest  
order spherical spacetime field, would have to be part of a  
continuous series of fractal involutions.  This would enable a  
transition from the near infinite frequencies of energy at the ZPE  
aether level to the near zero frequency-energy order of the overall  
cosmic gravitational field.  Thus establishing a holistic  
relationship between all fields and forces within the total space of  
the cosmos -- that step down through 4 phase order changes at the  
third fractal involution of cosmogenesis (which is replicated  
analogously around every zero-point singularity, located everywhere.   
(See: symbolic illustrations at website below)

Thus, the entire body could be a holographic unity composed of all  
these separate, but overlapping (coadunate but not consubstantial)  
zero-point energy originated hyperspace fields -- that are linked,  
informationally, to the body's electromagnetic fields, by phase  
conjugate adaptive resonance...  Which seems to be entirely  
consistent with the DNA, located in every cell, that,  
holographically, contains all the body's electrodynamic constructive  
information... With the positional geometry of protein placement and  
individual cellular structure determined through magnetic affinities  
between the higher order DNA encoded hyperspace field containing the  
overall internal and external 3-D body matrix image, holographically  
coupled, both globally and locally, with the DNA's protein  
constructive information replicated within each potential cell.

If such is the case, then the entire basis of the storage and  
transmission of sentient information transmitted and processed by the  
neurology, could very well be carried as modulated holographic wave  
interference patterns by these coenergetic fields, and transmitted  
and transformed through the ascending orders of frequency energy --  
so as to be detected, reconstructed, and perceived at the body's  
central zero-point of consciousness ... Which is entangled at the  
Aether level (acting as a BEC) with the conscious zero-point centers  
of each energy stimulated cellular sense organ.  Thus, enabling us to  
instantaneously locate the exact source of a pin prick on the surface  
of the skin, taste on the tongue, smell in the nose, etc., or  
determine, within the overall 3-D visual field, the exact positions  
of our fingers when playing a musical instrument, or the exact  
position of the point of an artist's brush, etc. -- without any  
consciously experienced thought.

None of this appears to be "magical" or "marvelous" -- since it  
conforms perfectly (i.e., analogously and correspondingly) with all  
observable and relatively simple communication methods for the  
encoding and transmission of analog visual and audio images through  
electromagnetic radiation, and their detection and reproduction, by  
resonance and other electrodynamic processes, into visually perceived  
photons, phonons, and other images of sensory impressions, etc.  For  
example, the inner light we actually experience could be composed of  
analogous photons on higher frequency order electrodynamic hyperspace  
field on the next level above the material electromagnetic energy  
field frequency spectrum.

Apparently, the super high frequency-energy levels of the hyperspace  
fields of consciousness (higher mind and memory fields, etc.) would  
enable them to carry and cyclically restore information for such  
extended periods of time -- as to not only account for certain long  
term lifetime memories, but also archetypal, as well as generic  
evolutionary constructive and instinctive genus memories -- extending  
as far back as the first single celled organism... All of these  
fields being potentially conscious at their zero-points of origin  
right from the first moment of the big bang (which, in this view,  
could have occurred instantaneously, everywhere).... With the  
infinite spinergy of every zero-point carrying the holographic  
information of the entire cosmos and everything within it.

This relates to the fact, that the brain is a *real-time* processor  
with a retentive memory at the brain wave field level that lasts no  
longer than the gamma wave cycles of the combined neural  
electromagnetic fields that carry the momentary information delivered  
by the senses -- with the longer term working memory held for varying  
lengths of time by the ver changing and malleable dendritic and  
synaptic structures of the brain.

The coenergetic (phase conjugate adaptive resonant) nature of all  
such overall thought related mind-memory fields, as well as their  
holographic interconnection with the analogous fields surrounding  
every cell an organ, would account for the ability to subconsciously  
learn and retain, by experience and repetitive practice, all the  
automatic functions of the body, such as riding a bicycle, playing a  
musical instrument, driving a car, playing a sport or game, etc.   
Apparently, our singular memory is also ubiquitous, along with all  
non local zero-points of consciousness throughout the body.  Thereby,  
we can say, "One organism -- one consciousness" -- like, "There is  
unity in diversity," and, "The universe (and its source) is both one  
and many."

Thus, there is no need to explain either long term memories by  
electrochemical processes, or consciousness as an epiphenomenon of  
any brain neural correlative processes -- or, how both short and long  
memories are accessed directly by the gestalt self-reflected  
consciousness, during active thought processes, solely by means of  
material brain processes...

Therefore, we can assume that the brain, itself, serves mainly as a  
transformer, processor, channeler, controller etc. -- that transmits  
willful response leading to physical actions and emotional reactions,  
along with intentional thought changes, as well as sensory  
information, etc.... All of which can occur simply because the  
ubiquitous hyperspace mind-memory fields and the brain's  
electromagnetic (brain wave) field are in intimate resonance -- which  
is necessary to globally and locally transform and transmit through  
the same system, and by means of the similar electrochemical  
processes, both efferent (willful) and afferent (sensorial)  
informational energies of consciousness.

It's obvious, then, that consciousness can act creatively (and with  
willful intent) through the mind-memory, brain, body gestalt, and  
send and receive information *directly* from and to the mind-memory  
fields, that are linked to the senses and the muscles directly  
through the neural-synaptic EM brain fields -- that, through their  
zero points of origin, are globally entangled, with the singular I AM  
self consciousness.

In my view this new (unified field) paradigm of physics is the most  
parsimonious way to account for the origin as well as all the  
conditions and functions of consciousness -- while also, answering  
all the hard problems of consciousness study, and explaining all  
paranormal psychic phenomena -- in addition to resolving all the  
mutual contradictions, paradoxes and anomalies of conventional  
relativity and quantum physics.

Best wishes,
Leon (a.k.a. Lenny) Maurer (NOT the moderator)

> Best
> Alfredo Pereira Jr.
> --- In, Jonathan Edwards <jo.edwards@...>
> wrote:
>> I fear I have raised a hare about multiple personalities. Perhaps
>> I should reiterate that many cells each having a copy of 'my'
>> consciousness has nothing to do with  multiple personalities. In my
>> model each of many cells receives an input which it interprets as
>> an account of a self in an environment. The account is generated by
>> the  whole body. At any one time the account will only relate to one
>> self (in this sense). People with multiple or changing personalities
>> only have one account going on at one time (split brains following
>> corpus callosum section and two separate behaviour generating units
>> may be the exception).
>> Part of the problem seems to be the use of personal definitions of
>> consciousness. I agree with Hans here that we should stick to the
>> usual definition. For the lay person with English is a first
>> language, for biomedical scientists and at least for David Chalmers
>> among philosophers, consciousness is the state of having a sensorium
>> - having an input. It is often inferred from behaviour but absence of
>> behaviour is not absence of consciousness. The onlooker asks if the
>> man lying in the road, knocked off his motorbike, is conscious, and
>> the intensive care physician discusses the same question with the
>> ventilated patient's relatives.
>> All I am saying about cells is that several have an input which is
>> the sensorium we think of as 'mine', whoever 'me' is (the acting 'I'
>> is a different matter) at the time.
>> Alfredo asks how I explain that multiple sentient cells find an
>> agreement to control the body coherently. But this is easy Alfredo.
>> Think of 'In the Mood' by Glenn Miller, Astaire and Rogers dancing
>> at the Copa Cabana in 'Flying Down to Rio', a flock of scarlet
>> macaws patrolling the forest a school of fish or an army, the  
>> Brazilian
>> football team, a troupe of acrobats, the ballet Russe, a political
>> party, a newspaper company. Co-ordinated action by colonies is
>> commonplace. Did Pelé's right foot kick for Pelé? No, it kicked for
>> Brasil. The advantage for the cells is that they do not even have a
>> sense of being a cell. The story they receive is of a human self.
>> They have been cheated out of their identity. Only my cells know who
>> they really are!!
>> Ralph is, I think, bothered by  selves, memories or ideas persisting
>> while molecules change. Although lots of molecules change, not all
>> do. DNA base sequences do not generally change throughout the life
>> of a cell. Moreover, when damaged DNA can be repaired to restore a
>> sequence. Amyloid fibrils in disease last for decades, collagen II in
>> cartilage lasts for most of a lifetime. But for memory I do think
>> that Ralph has an important question. Kandel and others have
>> clarified memory mechanisms in terms of changing the number and
>> sensitivity of synapses but I think we need more detailed recording
>> systems at the 'fibre' level. By fibre level I mean the level of
>> structures like microtubules, collagen fibres etc where information
>> is held in stacks of tens, hundreds or thousands of molecules.
>> There does not need to be a code like DNA. All that is needed is
>> that information is held in the pattern of 'fibres'. Amyloid and
>> collagen II fibres provide examples that last more or less
>> indefinitely elsewhere.
>> I am not quite sure what Ralph means by a 'field only' model but I
>> would agree that we need several sorts of element.
>> Jo
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