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Re: Theos-World Geoffrey Hodson on Krishnamurti's Maitreya claim

Jun 04, 2008 07:16 AM
by Antonio/Tony None

some of the feelings you mention can probably be related to what overshadowing feels like but i think they are two seperate things. But that is just my opinion. wrote:                             Konstantine,
 Hi and well wishes for you and yours,
     I had direct experience of observation for more than 7 years some decades ago of a similar operative condition although  having nothing to do directly with Theosophy other than it caused me to find Theosophy!
    I was along with the MUFON Representative in Los Angelus involved in a UFO Case that was extremely phenomenal. The person in question had had five separate abductions involving two widely different agency's. He was very destabilized and terrified by these happenings. Paranormal events were occurring at his home without notice. He was married and had children. The situation was basically two opposing forces were in contest for him as if each grasped one arm and were struggling to have full control of him ( very Patanjali essentially). At a certain point various other Investigators examined him and documented their findings. He experienced black-out periods during which he performed different items, Tattooing his arms with Jaguar and  Spider, writing a great volume if content that related to Delphi, Apollo, Helios, Tiahuanaco, Nasca, The pyramid of Giza, Stone Henge, the Superstition Mountain near Phoenix,  and other places. He sought help from local mental health clinic
 in desper
 ation. At a point in time a year later approximately he was given content which request he be sent to So. America for Quantum elevation of Mind to level 4. The request was fullfiled at the appointed time Dec. 22nd 1976 and he underwent a vast change in his persona and his auric energy was incredible after the event. The event also caused a infrequent agency to become present 24 hrs. a day in what I called "Projection State" at that time. The resident personality was clearly not his, even the countenance and tone and color of his skin was changed. When asked who are you the reply was "The Vessel of Light" which we thought referenced the UFO. He then stabilized and found the "Center", the second of the two agency's became remote although a link remained. After the Transformation in the Gate of the Sun Tiahuanaco he was relieved of many anxieties, tensions and his energy , production and activity was very heavy, he received promotions at work and soon became a supervisor.
 before the e
 nd of the year a second request was delivered in projection state again requesting his presence on June 21st, 1977 at Tiahuanaco for another consciousness boost. It was fullfiled as requested and he again underwent a Transformation. When I met him and his escort on arriving at LAX the space around him made me feel wobbly he was in continuous Projection State
 This was all documented with 5000 feet of color film on a Professional Claire Camera and 35 rolls of 35 mm film and over 400 hours of audio recordings. I once went riding in his car with his girl friend on a group trip in the high desert of California experienced his going into projection while driving the car at 55 mph with his eyes totally rolled up so that none of the iris of his eyes could be seen, I still have that audio cassette of that event to this day. The Principle Personality I had seen during a group exposure cause 40 some people to have tears streaming down their cheeks. People from  many walks of life and ages moved so much by the emmoted energy and words that they cried from it.
   Once we traveled together in my car The MUFON Rep., his wife, another friend and to only my perception on a trip without the Experiencer with us.As we traveled I held conversation with another close friend of all in the car who sat in the back seat between two friends who knew him well. I would respond to him looking into the rear view mirror and we talked frequently. After we reached a roadside restraunt we all went in to eat and sat togher in a booth. We saw time stop! not a single person in the restraunt moved! after a minute or two a waitress near the register in extreme slow motion tuned and wlaked to our booth and stopped.then she went into real time and asked "Are you ready to order now?."  She had not even given us menu's yet! we were amazed! She then slowly started to turn in slow motion before us! And then the slow motion time ended. We ate and paid our bills and left. we went to a place named "Calico" an Old West Tourist Town and more vents happened there
 amzing us eve
 n more than before! But what I ewant you to know is the the "Friend" that sat in the back seat between the two other friends was never actually there in that car!!!!! I was totally perplexed when I found that out one day when with the reall person and happened to mention outr conversation in the car while traveling all together! It tuned my mind upside down! To this day I don't know who that was that looked identical to my real friend and held long conversation with me! Those in the car never said "John who are you talking to? Lol!!! There is a lot more I could tell but this is too long already.We traveled 148 miles to a destination at highway speed but my car clock, my and the watches of my friends all clocked the transit time of only 37 minutes to travel the 148 miles. I have directly observed Apportment of an object, examined a materialized coin that after twenty years i gave up searching to find where it came from. I myself was an "Anchor" holding his hand while he, in
 on State addressed rooms of people. I have recording of those discourses we called them "The Teachings of Space," there were only twenty copies made. 
     The Experiencer was tested with both Lie Detector and Voice Stress Analysis and passed both these were video taped. 
     It was my strong need to find out who "The Projectionist" was that caused me to find Madame Blavatsky, Theosophy and Tibet and Tulku especially.
    Sometimes nothing can replace the direct experience such as Col. Olcutt related in his ODL, etc.
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 --- In, Antonio/Tony None wrote:
 > Ok and to further my question, this overshadowing, is it a one off
 > thing so when it happens the man it happens to will be totally
 > transformed without prior knowledge or will it happen in stages
 Some hints can be found in the Notes on Bhagavad Gita by Subba Row 
 where he mentiones Parashurama as an overshadowing. From his story we 
 can infer that the vehicle fit for the approprtiate task is being 
 chosen, not necessarily the man who has undergone a long preparation, 
 though there of course could be some karmic predispositions.
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