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Re: Theos-World Doubles Re: Geoffrey Hodson on Krishnamurti

Jun 04, 2008 04:40 AM
by Augoeides-222

    Thanks for your reply and views. I think it is most probable that what I perceived in the car, was a intentioned projection on the screen of my mind that caused me to see my friend who was not actually in the car while at the same time a projection to the other three real person there maintained their isolation from my perception of the person I chatted with who sat in the middle in the back seat to my altered reality due to the projection. There is much more I haven't stated. This projection person stayed with me the entire trip going and returning in the car and in the restraunt, and at the calico fun house, up the mountain side, and into a strange tunnel at Calico. I felt his physical body and touched him at certain times during this entire day, he was totally real to me! No one of the other three even remotely indicated they didn't see him with us! It is so enigmatic it baffles me to this day 30 years later. During part of this time when we were up high on a small mountain 
there we watched one of our friends walking behind three small children as they walked into a tunnel in the side of a hill below and disappeared from sight. After some time he came into view on the other side of the small mountain. Later we thought lets us go explore that tunnel larry went into. So we did, myself, the MUFON Rep. and the friend who was n't there but was there. We went a ways in and were astonished to see in front of us a dead end! There was a short tunnel at a right angle on the left that went maybe 25 to 30 feet and stopped. We explored, pushed, probed with knife blades, and tried to find a secret lever or mechanism but could find nothing that would open a way through. So we had  to turn around and go out the same way we entered !  When finding larry who walked into the tunnel behind the three small children we asked him "How did you manage to go through to the other side?" he replied I just walked through it. I have come to the conclusion that the three small chil
dren were also projection forms and entitys.
     Much later in my Gnostic Studies in a work: " Forerunners And Rivals of Christianity" by F. Legge, F.S.A. , 1950 I  read a synchronicity with the modern name of the place where we were ,"Calico" is a phonetic form of the triple name of deity used by ancient Gnostics viz; Kaulakau, Saulasau, Zensar.-  reference Vol. II, page 94 of the above work. weirdness abounds lol!
  Two years later the MUFON Rep. and I drove all the way back there just to attempt to discover how our friend went straight through and we were stopped dead in our tracks. To our disamay we found sawhorses with blinking lights and danger signs "No Entry --- Tunnel Collapsed" !!!

A lot more happened that day too much to tell. So twilight zone it defies explanation. But it made H.P.B. beleivable to me!


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> who that was that looked identical to my real friend and held long
> conversation with me!

There is an article "Active double" by Leadbeater which is not 
precisely an article but a tale about a similar case: a double of 
living man who acted independently and even physically. It was 
published in The Theosophist in 1910's. Unfortunately I've lost the 
English text of that article though I retain its Russian translation. 
I've also read another book with description of a similar phenomenon. 
But in both cases there was no any change of time, though there were 
some materializations.


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