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Re: Theos-World Re: TS Election - Protest

Jun 01, 2008 04:49 PM
by mkr777

I cannot believe this, coming from Betty Bland, [National President
(Secretary) of TSA.] for whom I had a very high regard. First she sends
letters to members with incorrect/misleading info on Radha Burnier's health
and recommending we vote for John Algeo.

Then when she is made aware of the true facts regarding Radha Burnier's
health, she suggests someone else to spend money to correct the erroneous
information she presented to the members.

New standard in theosophical electioneering???

Now I am convinced that we are indeed in Kali Yuga.


On 6/1/08, jasonsriram <> wrote:
She (betty) responded to me by offering to allow me to send yet another
letter to the entire mailing list at my own cost of $1400.00 (she
stated she paid personally for her mailing) to counter her letter. I
declined and filed a protest with the International Secretary, to
which I have received no response.

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