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Re: Theos-World Re: Failure of Krishnamurti on the path of occultism

Jun 01, 2008 07:03 AM
by Augoeides-222

  Hi, well people have many idea's about this identity that occupies history. As I previously posted "El" had two Sons Baal and Yamm. El was the deity of the Caananite/Phoenician Civilization prior to the arrival of the Ghebers of Hebron. In Genesis El is the first identative name placed before the minds of people. It was later that the first form "Yah" appeared, in time further permutations yielded Yaweh. The mystical Yod He Vav He (26) came much later in the time line from which the later modern Jehova came into appearance and finished the evolution to our present time. "Yah" was originally a "Door-sill Fetish" used to prevent the entry into the house of undesirable entity's and demons and was usually installed by a paid exorcist. Religions don't appear in finished, polished completion, they had beginning-change-end across centuries of time and drama.

 I suggested the works :
"The Assembly of the Gods- The Divine Council in Caananite and Early Hebrew Literature " Author: E. Theodore Mullen Jr.
Harvard Semitic Monographs 24
1980 Dist. by Scholars Press
ISSN #0073- 0637

(From Brown University
Vestiges of the Spirit-History of Man by Samuel F. Dunlap , 1858
Sod - The Son of Man by Samuel F. Dunlap, and his other works.
Dunlap engaged in intensive Philology and Etymology in his works.


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> Word God does not exist in original Hebrew Old Testament. Yahweh was
> the word which was used in Hebrew Old Testament. 
> English translation of Yahweh is God. 

Yahweh does not exist in the Hebrew OT.
It has YHVH.
English translation of YHVH is Yahve, not God, because he is not God.


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