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Re: TS Election - Protest

Jun 01, 2008 00:34 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, mkr777@... wrote:

> From "Viquetor1@ 1:24 pm (3½ hours ago)

> I demand the invalidation of ALL ballots from the American Section 
> and any other Section where misleading information regarding the
> International President has been disseminated.

It would be unfair. Every national section has its preferences, and 
cancellation of the section's voices will decidedely move balance in 
favour of one of the candidates.

Moreover, it is possible that the "misleading indormation" was 
disseminated with that very intent ? to invalidate the voices of 
certain sections. Also it is insulting to the members of these 
sections, as it pictures them the brainless sheeps unable think for 
If you regard the elections unfair, you may demand cancellation of 
current elections and restarting them without participation of both 
current candidates. Two NEW candidates should be nominated.

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