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Re: Theos-World Re: Music, the language of the Soul

Mar 31, 2008 03:46 AM
by Antonio/Tony None

Any chance of a listen? I am working with a lot of arabic sounds at the minute. Would be interesting to hear what its all about!


Martin <> wrote:                             I just got this email from a friend, which proves to me, music has no 
 prejudice :-)
 Hello friends,
 As you know I live in Israel,  the 2 weeks I'm Mixing here (here 
 means at my studio)
 a new disk for an Arab Palestinian,  a great guy,  and a very good 
 musician !!
 Most of the music was recorded in Amman (Jordan)  some of the 
 musician playing there
 were brought specaially from Egyps (as they are playing authentic 
 rare arab instruments)
 some tracks recorded in Nazareth,  no one of the musicians (exept of 
 the guy I'm working with)
 knows a thing about the other musicians - and of caurse how the music 
 will come out - as each Musician was playing only with 1 instrument 
 prerecorded as a guide line..
 I must say it's very special, all the situation,from all 
 aspects.....  and so is the music !!!!

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