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Re: Theos-World Election of the next president of TS

Mar 30, 2008 10:19 PM
by Jokela Petri

Well, I was told that I should have wait for the official announcement,
which is coming out pretty soon. Members of executive and general secretaries has
voted them to be a nominees. Next we can give a vote as a members. One who
et most of the votes will naturally be the next president.

What comes to about the Masters way of communication, whenever they sent those percipied (maybe wrong word?) letters done in occult way, letters are told to arrieve immediately,
(maybe sooner than emails) just in front of the recipient.

MKR kirjoitti:

This is the first time I am hearing about this. I have not heard anything
from the formal (snailmail) channels used in the USA. Usually, even with the
advent of Internet, the snail mail is used to inform members of any
developments in the USA. (It reminds me of the early days of TS when the
Adepts used hard copy method of communication!!!!).

Again usefulness of this independent maillist proves its use.



On 3/30/08, Jokela Petri < <>> wrote:
> I am told that we will vote next international president of TS
> for next 7 years period between Mrs. Radha Burnier and
> Mr. John Algeo.
> Give your vote, please!

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