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Effect of Love (AnandGholap.Net-Online Theosophy)

Mar 21, 2008 11:20 PM
by ANAND GHOLAP - Important pamphlet for studying and spreading Theosophy]

" But let us turn to the second part of our subject, the question of the man's relations with persons whom he loves, or with those for whom he feels devotion or adoration. Again and again people ask us whether they will meet and know their loved ones in this grander life, whether amid all this unimaginable splendour they will look in vain for the familiar faces without which all would for them seem vanity. Happily to this question the answer is clear and unqualified; the friends will be there without the least shadow of doubt, and far more fully, far more really, than ever they have been with us yet.
Yet again, men often ask: 'What of our friends already in the enjoyment of the heaven-life; can  they see us here below? Are they watching us and waiting for us?' Hardly; for there would be difficulties in the way of either of these theories. How could the dead be happy if he looked back and saw those whom he loved in sorrow or suffering, or, far worse still, in the commission of sin? And if we adopt the other alternative, that he does not see, but is waiting, the case is scarcely better. For then the man will have a long and wearisome period of waiting, a painful time of suspense, often extending over many years, while the friend would in many cases arrive so much changed as to be no longer sympathetic. In the system so wisely provided for us by Nature all these difficulties are avoided; those whom the man loves most he has ever with him, and always at their noblest and best, while no shadow of discord or change can ever come between them, since he receives from them all the time, exactly what he wishes. The arrangement is infinitely superior to anything which the imagination of man has been able to offer us in its place - as indeed we might have expected - for all those speculations were man's idea of what is best, but the truth is God's idea. Let me try to explain it. Whenever we love a person very deeply we form a strong mental image of him, and he is often present in our mind."

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In Christ.
Anand Gholap 

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