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Theosophy under attack in Pakistan?

Mar 21, 2008 02:08 AM
by nhcareyta

Dear all

I have just received alarming information 
which you may find of interest.

Moreover, quoting from the March issue of the 
Aquarian Theosophist:

"The deteriorating situation in Pakistan has
now affected the work of the TS (Adyar) there in
a major way.
Last September, the Presidential
Representative of the Society in Pakistan, Dara
Feroze Mirza, was kidnapped and brutally
murdered. His trussed up body was found in the
outskirts of Karachi the next morning. Because
he was so well known soon after the news
became know more than 400 sympathy
messages were received. Dara was a good
friend, a genuine philanthropist who helped not
only the poor but also many, many stray dogs
and cats in his neighbourhood.
He was a deep student of Theosophy
and was particularly keen on the writings of
Madame Blavatsky. Many years ago, during a
theosophical convention in New Zealand, he
gave an outstanding lecture on the esoteric
significance of the Kaaba, drawing insights from
the teachings of The Secret Doctrine."

Freedom and differing opinions have always been
perceived as threats to totalitarian and extremist
organisations and governments.

We must challenge dogma in all its forms, wherever
it may arise, perhaps most particularly within 

Our loving condolences and support are extended to 
those affected so devastatingly in Pakistan.


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