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Re: Imhotep

Mar 20, 2008 05:24 PM
by nhcareyta

Thank you Cass.

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--- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@...> wrote:
> Nigel et al
>   Have  been doing a little work on the Egyptians and thought I 
would pass this on as it relates to The Sons of Mind.  
>   Cass
>   In the cults of Egypt, the Christ Principle Iu-em-Hetep (the 
Greek Imhotep)
>   Iu ? the divinity that comes, em ? a preposition meaning, with 
two meanings, `peace' and `seven', Hetep ? the Divinity that comes 
seventh to bring peace.
>   Six waves had pushed up `from below' forming the natural man, or 
the first Adam ? Atum, the man of earth-earthy.  The seventh wave was 
a descent of force from above, "the Lord from Heaven" or the second 
Adam.  This was the spiritual man, or the god in man.  Hence the 
seventh principle was the Messiah.  Humanity then can be known as 
the "mind born sons of god" and were the product of six minor cycles 
of cosmic creation on this earth.  The seventh emanation coming to 
crown the works of the first six, was to apotheosize the natural 
humanity, or take it across the span of the human stage from the 
summit of animality to the foothills of the divine uplands.  It was 
to implant the Christ nature in the hearts of all mankind.
>   Refer to Plato's Timeaus in the speech of the Demiurgus or 
Creative Lord to the legions of Kumaras.  Paul, "this mortal must put 
on immortality".
>   They implanted the Mind principle without which no governance or 
direction of their energies.  Mankind prior to this principle 
functioned below the status of intelligence and therefore were 
uncontrolled, driven by creative impulse in unrestrained freedom.
>   These six forces having built up man's body are still active in 
that segment of his life which lies below intellect, and there the 
war of elemental natures still rages, if not quieted and pacified by 
>   Up to the advent of this Christly Messiah, Earth had no king, no 
lawgiver ? how could a lawgiver function without the faculty of Mind, 
without knowledge, reason, intelligence.
>   The word King is derived from the great Egyptian symbol for life, 
the ANKH.  It means immortality, " life" and "tie".  Why Life and 
Tie.  Because no life is possible until two energies, positive and 
negative, spirit and matter are tied together.
>   The six aeons had prepared life on Earth to receive its King.
>   Christ is an element in the psychological constitution of every 
son of man, and  not an individual figure in history.
>   Kumaras, Asuras, innocents, devas of the intellectual order, 
untried in material embodiment came down under an obligation, indeed 
a covenant sealed with "broad oaths" we are told, to tutor an animal 
>   We swore on our part to spiritualize the animal and return to our 
celestial home without becoming enmeshed in the mire of sensuality.  
The Egyptian story of the Mammemmet beings" is from the Herut 
reptile, another name for the great serpent Apap (Apep) (Hydra is the 
astrological great Snake whose head is directly under the feet of the 
Virgin as she holds the Christ child in her arms, ready to devour him 
if she should let him fall).  The Hememmet beings, or innocents, 
rejoice later that the serpent Apep has not eaten their eggs from the 
>   The lower life ? typified as water (Christ's ability to walk on 
the water without sinking).
>   The higher life ? typified as Fire.
>   This union s Plato says in The Timaeus pledged our 
immortality, "we should never be dissolved"
>   The seven nations occupying Caanan, the seven plagues of Egypt, 
the seven devils to be expelled from Mary Magdalene, the seven beasts 
that Orpheus soothes to docility by the music of his Lyre, the beasts 
whom the God had to overcome and dispossess are symbolic 
representations of the sevenfold power that builds the forms in which 
life is embodied.  Made up of six elemental forces and taken as seven 
when synthesized by the seventh.
>   So the King of Glory came in to shed his intellectual life over 
the area of human consciousness.  He was given dominion over the 
beasts, the fish, the fowls, or all the orders of life below his 
status.  (Our sub-conscious is he mind of the animal in whose fleshy 
house we are tenants),
>   The Christ comes to Man at the beginning of the human era on 
earth, the baby god.  He is divine, but in potentiality.  The much 
magnified powers of "evil" are nothing other than the traits and 
trends of the animal portion of our nature.  They are at issue with 
the interests of the soul and there is warefare, which, however is to 
end in amity.
>   The Egyptians speak of them as "the adversaries" and the enemies 
of my Father, "Osiris", in the words of Horus, the Christ.  The 
animal body is the matrix in which the Christ is being gestated for 
its (Easter) delivery.  Humanity is mother to deity.  The coming of 
Christ is to be thought of as the gradual growth of an element or 
faculty of consciousness, and as taking place over the whole of the 
human aeon.  He comes during the whole continuance of the cycle, a 
little at a time, a little each day, each year, each incarnation.  He 
is not yet born in our hearts for he is only in gestation in our 
bodies.  His birth will occur when he is delivered from the flesh in 
his last confinement.  That still small voice that is being drowned 
out by the raucous din of earthly distraction.  To heed that voice 
will advance its position in the order of being.  C.J.Jung said "if 
God is a mighty activity within my soul, at once I must concern 
myself with him".
>   (Extracts from Article by Alvin Boyd Kuhn ? The Root of all 
>   HPB gave us the list of Avatars of Vishnu
>   Matsya ? the Fish
>   Kurma -  the Tortoise
>   Varaha -  the Boar
>   Narasimha ? the man lion (last of animal stage)
>   Vamana ? the dwarf (first step toward the human form)
>   Rarasu Rama ? Rama with the Axe (Hero)
>   Rama Chandra- Hero of the Ramayana
>   Drishna ? Son of Devaki
>   Gautama Buddha
>   Kalki ? Mounted on a white horse ? an incarnation of the sun, 
also known as Maitreya Buddha.  Kalki Avatar Imothos Iemhetep.
>   These symbols were also taken up by the disciple who was 
undergoing initiation.  The first initiation being the Matsya ? the 
Fish initiation.  10 degrees of advancing knowledge and growth in 
>   According to HPB there are three types of rebirths.
>   Avataras ? Divine incarnations
>   Adepts    -  Nirmanakayas
>   Men        -  Common man.
>   Cass Notes:
>   Imhotep ? chancellor to Djoser ? Third Dynasty 2650BC.  Imhotep 
was given divine status 2000 years after his death.  His cult was 
Memphis.  He was an Architect, and Founder of Egyptian Medicine 
(devoid of magical thinking)  Greeks aquainted Imhotep with 
Aesculapias.  The Supreme God being IU-EM-HEPT.
>   Judge says that the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor was a bogus 
society organized for money making.  AMORC admits paying members only 
and is in the same category.
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