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Re: Theos-World Re:Music, the language of the Soul

Mar 19, 2008 03:59 PM
by Cass Silva

Heaps of these available on You Tube, let me know which one is being referred to and perhaps I can have it as background music.
  Cass wrote:
Years ago in reading H.P. B.'s works I found interest in her reference to "The Sweet Singers of Ancient History" and I searched and found she was referring to the No. Chinese Mahayana.Ch'an School and that what she inferred was the "Sweet Singing" they performed was that of the Science of Mantra itself that they were made "Custodian" of. There is published Ch'an work available on that topic about the Oral Tradition. In two volumes: In the sevenfold fashion it was a custom to divide possession and trusteeship of esoteric Knowledge among custodial parties to try to preserve it's continuation.

Vol. l Shuramgama Mantra - Text by the Dharma Master Hsu Fa of the Ching Dynasty -Translated into english by the Buddhist Text translation Society - Dharma Realm Buddhist University - Verses and Commentary by Tripitaka Master Hua - Talmage Ca. 1981(Passed over to the other shore)
ISBN # 0-917512-69-3

Vol. 2 Shurangama Mantra of same description ISBN # 0- 917512-82-0

And a worthy Companion:

The Dharani Sutra - The venerable Tripitaka Master Hsuan Hua - Buddhist Text Translation Society - San Franciso - 1976 - ISBN # 0- 917512-13-8


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From: brian scanlon <> 
Hi Martin,

Interesting post. It invoked a thought about Mantra
Vidya. In the Bagavagita its stated that during the
Kali Yuga alot of the mental and breath work, isnt
"good enough" to reach realization, and that one has
to use mantra/sound. So essentialy each Yuga has a
prefered method for advancement, at least within the
Vedic Esoteric system.

I dont recall encountering this teaching in any other
Esoteric system.

Im curious if anyone has encountered this within our
teaching meta paradigm, as I have not ??


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