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Two evolutions?

Mar 13, 2008 07:47 PM
by nhcareyta

Dear Cass

You write, "I read also that there are two 
evolutions happening at the same time, the human 
and the angelic, and that the angelic evolve 
from the bird kingdom. Maybe someone can clarify 
what HPB's thoughts on this are."

This is another contradiction from the later 
literature with major implications.

Nowhere does Madame Blavatsky support
"two evolutions" in the context to which you 
refer, in fact quite the contrary.
Each monad, or monadic entity of manifestation 
has to complete each and every evolutionary stage. 

Manifestation is fundamentally ONE as the following 
passage explains: 

"The radical (fundamental) unity of the ultimate 
essence of each constituent part of compounds in 
Nature - from star to mineral atom, from the highest 
Dhyan Chohan to the smallest infusorium, in the 
fullest acceptation of the term, and whether applied 
to the spiritual, intellectual or physical worlds - 
this unity is the one fundamental law in occult 
science." (Secret Doctrine. Vol 1, p. 20)

Also please see:

Kind regards

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