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Re: Music, the language of the Soul

Mar 13, 2008 07:30 AM
by mpsas77

Hello Folks,

I've been reading your posts for months without participating.  My 
name is Marilyn.  I've been studying HPB and AAB for years.  I have 
academic degrees in Religious Studies, specializing in South Asian 
philosophy and religion.  

Martin and Frank, thank you for your thoughts and the information 
about relationships between music and theosophy.

Martin --

I've been trying to add music to provide background to Duane 
Carpenter's graphics on this website:
I posted the Dalai Lama chanting for healing on one of the pages 
quoting AAB's 7 ray healing techniques.  I'm preparing to combine 
chants of the Gayatri with symbols and Sanskrit.  

If in the future you'd like to experiment in combining symbols or 
theosophical ideas with music, contact me.  I'd welcome the 
contribution of original sound clips, or ideas about fusing esoteric 
ideographs and sound.  Just something to ponder...

--- In, Martin <Mvandertak@...> wrote:
> Yow Frank:
> Yes it was great but it carried the music not
> theosophia. As a musician I can simply state all kinds
> of music are expressing ideas and thoughts. When you
> dig deep enough you will find that music is the base
> of Life in where rhytm ordens the different forms,
> bass vitalises it, chords combine the various spheres
> of a form and melody gives it its unique character.
> These are my thoughts, they could be wrong.
> As I understand it, music (art) could be used as an
> expression of Theosophy, even without labeling it as '
> Theosophy'.
> Since music (art) moves on the Intuitive plane, its to
> me the best way to express it: there is no confusion
> on the Intuitive plane. 
> Another example: why do kids at school mostly learn
> how to read, count, history, geography, biology?
> Its all a mind thing, while music could be read yes (
> I cant read music, dont even want to)but real music
> comes from the soul. I hate playing some1 elses work,
> I do enjoy their life performances though.
> So, all I wish for Theosophy is a new Raja Yoga school
> to be started, with all the means we have today, it
> would be brilliant...and lets forget about all the
> mindstorms which took place since that other brilliant
> musician HPB passed away...the mind will never make
> you feel in harmony, the soul does and will...
> BTW most occult manifestations are done as a result of
> a song or piece of music...
> --- Frank Reitemeyer <dzyan@...> wrote:
> > >KT tried with the Raja Yoga School however music
> > was never seen as a
> > practical means of expressing Theosophy.
> > 
> > Dear Martin,
> > I have read it otherwise.
> > Under KT's raja yoga education every pupil had to
> > learn one instrument.
> > 
> > Their orchestra was regarded as outstanding.
> > They gave public and internal performances on a
> > regular basis.
> > KT loved Wagner's music much, but Mozart, Beethoven,
> > Bach and Handel were 
> > also prefered.
> > 
> > When KT was on her many theosophical tours to the
> > various nations in the 
> > world, she was often accompanied with her orchestra.
> > Professional musicans are said to have been
> > delighted from the outstanting 
> > vibrations and atmosphere of the theosophical
> > orchestra.
> > 
> > BTW, I have been told that nowadays not only books,
> > news, live videos, old 
> > newspapers, but also scorebooks are faked, so we
> > hear not the same music as 
> > Wagner, Mozart etc. had in mind.
> > This for occult reasons, to suppress the underlying
> > spiritual message of 
> > such music.
> > 
> > Painting and the old dramas were also arts which KT
> > had in her system of 
> > theosophical education.
> > 
> > Frank
> > 
> > 
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