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Re: Theos-World Music, the language of the Soul

Mar 12, 2008 04:31 PM
by Cass Silva

It probably depends which Ray you are on.  Also, there are certain tunes, e.g. John Lennon's 'Imagine' which, I believe are inspired by the Masters and which reaches millions of people.  And for the first time in 20 years, operatic music, classical tunes sit comfortably with popular music, and are now enjoyed by the general public, e.g. El Divo, Pavarotti, etc.

Martin <> wrote:
          Since we have such a Babylonic society these days; such a Sodom and 
Gommorah like society; such a greedy, jealous and egoistic humanity, 
why didn't the Masters emphasize their teachings in Music?
KT tried with the Raja Yoga School however music was never seen as a 
practical means of expressing Theosophy.
In music competition doesnt exsist, that only is there with musicians 
for honour wages etc.
My wife is a member of a folklore dancegroup. Her first festival was 
in Switzerland, some 30 years ago. She told me they had breakfast 
every morning with 1000 people from all around the globe, from any 
colour and every believe. The Turks and Irish brought their drums and 
spoons as well as flutes and other instruments with them where ever 
they went. When they started the music, others to follow on the other 
days, every morning started out as a feast of mutual understanding.
Why has the TS sunk into the barrel of mindwaves, the part of the 
human where the evil doers also dwell and why hasnt she chosen the 
part of the human soul which speaks its language through music where 
no evil can be found?
Strange indeed a superior human like the Maha Chohan has not 
anticipated this. The first thing we do before we are born is 
developing audition, so why you think nature shows us this?
Music is the language of the universe and we are all crystalized 
music. Try to listen to the rythm of the ages...


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