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Faked Apollo Moon landing? 6 doubts of moon landing deniers

Mar 12, 2008 06:41 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

There are inquiries what Theosophy says about the recent discussion whether the Apollo moon landing really happened or was rather staged by Walt Disney Inc. in Hollywood and/or Area 51.

Although many California theosophists (mainly from the former Point Loma area) has had close relationships with astrophysicists and to Mount Palomar, I was not able to dig out much theosophical information, except two, and would like to share them here for the benefit of others which are interested in this topic or have to answer equal inquiries to moon landing protestants:

1. Boris de Zirkoff inserted in his edition of the "Secrete Doctrine" many NASA photos to illustrate the wide ranging and anticipating importance of HPB's major work. But he included not a single photo from the moon landing, although the moon as the parent of the Earth plays an important role in HPB's Cosmogenesis and in the 1970's when BdeZ edition appeared the moon landing was the sign for successful, intelligent scientific progress. So why are no moon landing photos inserted in the TPH edition?

2. De Purucker told a private class around 1927 the following, which could be regarded in the aftermath as a warning:
"What we see when we look up into the starry spaces is the astral body, the kama-rupa of the physical moon that was, aeons and aeons ago, which physical body is now disintegrated into impalpable cosmic dust. We perceive this kama-rupic phantom, because our physical earth is one subplane higher than that on which the physical body of the moon was. Were our scientists by some magic to be transported to the moon, even though they would be able to see it almost as clearly as they see our earth, I do not believe they would find it easy to walk about on its surface, for it is not quite hard enough for easy walking."
[German translation: "Quelle des Okkultismus", München, Theosophical University Press 1986, vol. 3, p. 144,]

3. "Walking [on the moon] was quite easy!"
- Buzz Aldrin, interview by Aron Ranen: "Did We Go?"

4. "As for walking on the moon, sometimes I wonder if that really happened. I can honestly say - and it's a great surprise to me that I have never had a dream about being on the moon. It's a great disappointment to me." 
- Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11, 

5a. "Ok, I have two moons in my head, I guess, whereas most people just have one moon. I, I look at the moon just as everybody, who has never there. There it is."
5b. "It all worked like clockwork, almost set like magic... it might be magic."
- Michael Collins, Apollo 11, in: "In the shadow of the moon" at 01:36 and 1:29

6. A footage of the Apollo 11 astronauts in a spacecraft "half way to the moon" has come to light. The front-up caption on the video reads:

"This film of the Apollo 11 Mission
was produced
as a report film by
and is not
for general public distribution"

There is good reason why this material in its entirety was not to be seen by the public: It depicts obvious staging of an alleged journey to the Moon.

The question is: Why have the Apollo 11 astronauts nothing better to do as to produce this studio film at the very day of their great adventure, only hours before the Houston countdown?


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