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Re: Theos-World Music, the language of the Soul

Mar 12, 2008 05:45 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>KT tried with the Raja Yoga School however music was never seen as a
practical means of expressing Theosophy.

Dear Martin,
I have read it otherwise.
Under KT's raja yoga education every pupil had to learn one instrument.

Their orchestra was regarded as outstanding.
They gave public and internal performances on a regular basis.
KT loved Wagner's music much, but Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and Handel were 
also prefered.

When KT was on her many theosophical tours to the various nations in the 
world, she was often accompanied with her orchestra.
Professional musicans are said to have been delighted from the outstanting 
vibrations and atmosphere of the theosophical orchestra.

BTW, I have been told that nowadays not only books, news, live videos, old 
newspapers, but also scorebooks are faked, so we hear not the same music as 
Wagner, Mozart etc. had in mind.
This for occult reasons, to suppress the underlying spiritual message of 
such music.

Painting and the old dramas were also arts which KT had in her system of 
theosophical education.



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