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Re: Theos-World Re: Intro

Mar 12, 2008 03:58 AM
by Cass Silva

Hello Brian,
  Thank you for your posting.  Would you please resend my posting which you refer to as I cannot recall it.
  My experience with these moments of awareness are few and far between, mainly because I do not do the work required.  However I have concentrated on attempting to understand how old patterns were formed and how if not altered will continue to present themselves as inner earthquakes caused by frozen emotional energies of the past, if that makes sense.  My demons are very good at hiding from detection! lol.  Anyway I plod along.
  I agree that all the book knowledge in the world won't help unless those principles are applied or at least attempted.  However, I see the book knowledge as a pre-emptive data base for what may come in the future.

brian scanlon <> wrote:
          Hi Cass,

I hope I can convey truth with my words, to you. That
is very difficult based on variation in perception of
what meaning is given to words. My long term goal is
to write several papers on Resurection, and the
Mystery language (which I have begun several weeks
ago), and attempt to put it into a standardized
terminology (with including all the various Synonyms)
that someone outside our circle could understand. 

We also know that each Cultural manefestation of the
Esoteric System has its own "flavors". Even sub
systems within one culture can have some variation in
the steps, and means of achieving the goals. So what I
am relating, in my perception, isnt the "only" way of
working with the process/transformational methods, its
simply my distilation of the process and my
understanding of it, at this point in my training.

In my perception, we (Man/Woman) have a very specific
purpose and place, in this particular evolutionary
system. This "purpose" would be to "evolve" while
"experiancing"(Developing the soul), while helping our
planet and solar logos evolve, as in my understanding,
we co-evolve.

As we evolve we are also returning to whence we came
but with "perspective" and understanding of
"ourselves'. THis is important to keep in mind,
because all of our training is actualy a reversal of
the creation process. We have hit the peak of
Materialism. Now we have to return home to the
spiritual, gradualy undoing the
condensation/crystalisation of ether.

Your post mentioned both extremes of the training. The
start/lowest level and the end/highest level. 
Once you start the esoteric training/process/evolution
(Though obviously all life is evolving wether its
"training" or not - LOL), you have in my perception,
from 20-30 years for the core, than at least 20 years
for the basic level of the advanced training of
resurection. Though based on karma ones basic upper
levels of training may take 50 - 100 years, which is
why a healthy body/temple is important, and methods of
longevity have been preserved from the times before
recorded history. And karma dictates if one can even
approach the esoteric teachings in this lifetime or
reach the goals.

I think the practical methods of training, have been
lost in the mix, in alot of Theosophical groups and
very little was given out by HPB, which the "4th"
volume of "SD" was supposed to have practical
training, but that never saw the light of day and all
we have is the 3rd volume which condences the origanl
3rd (Histroical info on Adepts) and parts of the
Esoteric Groups papers (in my perception and
understanding). This is solvable by examining and
learning some of the systems HPB actualy trained in,
and gives one a more...solid point of referance for
determining what is or isnt proper right hand method
training for the esoteric doctrine student.

In truth, as we evolve, we are becoming what we are(in
esssence)/ we are meant to be (which those in
untrained states have in "potential"/seed form) , not
what we are not (Ie animal man) (That is if we train
in the correct "direction").We are
accomplishing/realizing what the Aryan Root race is
meant to accomplish. And as we know each race is meant
to develop certain aspects of our "being".

The evolution/process/transformation that occurs in
the Esoteric System, ~IS~ the esoteric system. As we
are a multidimensional being, our methods of
transformation/evolution, must address all aspects of
man/woman. The "Book Knowledge' essentialy is the
documentation of the experiances of those that had
progress along the
path/training/evolution/transformation before us. As
we progress down the path, we are than to 'verify'
through real time experiance, what the ancestors
preserved.We have "sign posts" so to speak. This is
also an "error correction" method built directly into
the system, to prevent false teachings being put into
the "mix", which is also supported by the Alphanumeric
encoding found in ancient text - thus the gnosis and
the methods of physicaly preserving the doctrine are
united and support oneanother in protecting the
information. Hence "debate" and "opinion" becomes
non-sensical at this level of working with reality.

The most basic levels of training are the hardest in
my perception and difficult to explain, due to how
emeshed the animal man is in the lower nature and we
have so many differant kinds of karmatic webs, that we
have to gradualy remove ourselves from. Part of the
early challenge can be understood by reading the first
page of the Esoteric Papers from HPB, where she
compassionatly describes the problems that those
freshely dedicated to the path experiance. This is
true for each level you rise (in training and
awareness), and has knocked me down more times than I
care to remember.

The early training deals with the Physical Temple,
Vital Body, Astral Body, and Mental body. With
Concsiousness/awareness being the core thats worked
with across all the vehicles. Though the awareness
doesnt "move". But we have to "remove"/free the
concsiouness thats trapped within the lower
quarternary levels of our being, by becoming activly
"aware" and increasing our etheric vibrations. This is
basic level becoming "awake". In theosophical terms we
want our Manas to associate and be rooted in/with the
Monad, NOT the quarternary. Most are emeshed in the
lowest levels of emotional or logical ways of relating
to reality. Hence no intuition. 

We have frozen programs running all the time and is
how we typicaly relate to the world (Frozen programs =
I = False Ego). The programs need to be
destroyed/integrated. We also need to have "gnosis" of
the truth that we are not our emotions or mindstream
and actualy remove our awarness from the mindstream,
to be able to integrate frozen aspects of ourselves.
Early training also includes in my perception
introspection and retrospection (Judge has some
interesting short articles dealing with this aspect if
memory serves), during the same time your attempting
to "awaken". And Each of our vehicles must have the
"awareness' awoken!!LOL Or we wont be awake/aware in
other planes. This obviously directly relates to how
awake one will be in the time of the physical death,
and in the after states.

Something I missed mentioning was the early training
has its roots in the Physical Body/Temple. Purging the
temple and creating a healthy vehicle is important.
These roots have development found in relaxation and
differant Yogic/Hei Gung methods, which work on both
the physical and Vital bodies. This training usualy is
worked on at the same time as the
conscousness/awareness work, and many methods train
both within the same method. 

Once we are "awake", at least to some level, we have
achieved aspects of the whole system of training. And
of cource there are 49 sub layers of awareness we need
to navigate. Thus there are many levels of
enlightenment. Breath work is also very
important.Slowing it down, helps allow the awarenss to
ascend to our higher planes of "being". 

Its also important to expand ones consiousness beyond
"oneself"/vehicles. A good short long term goal is the
Solar system awarenss, as that directly relates to
us(Man/Womans Micro/Macro corrispondence). 

Once we have walked the path, and have integrated a
good portion of our False I's, raised our awareness to
a stablized level, and expanded our awarness to a
Solar system level, we can gradualy begin work on

WHich is reuniting male and female energies within the
body, and forming, birthing and raising the immortal
soul body. This is the level the great Masters
accomplish. This training in my understanding for a
male includes retention of sexual fluids, which is
used as the base elixer. This training has many names.
True Right Hand Tantra, Alchemy, Marriage of the Bride
Groom, Resurection, Secrets of the Golden Flower,
Immortal Fetus, ect. Its purpose is our union with
"God". ITs found in every true esoteric system, and
without it, man can never escape matter, and become
what he is meant to be/Is. This is the "Greater

This hasnt even touched upon what we have to
accomplish to help our planet, as well as the Solar
system evolve!! Hence true Brotherhood includes ALL

Hopefully my blitering attempt at explaing my internal
intuition and understanding, hasnt been a complete


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