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Re: Did D.K. write the Secret Doctrine?

Mar 11, 2008 06:50 PM
by brian scanlon

Dear M. Sufilight, 

Excellent post in my perception. This opens up to me
the "Teachings of the left hand path". 

Many envision a group of evil shadow brothers, working
at keeping spirit trapped within matter. But to me,
its way more complicated than that. Of cource the fact
we have Masters of the White lodge, means we have
their antithesis. 

But the truth is, many, dont know understand, that
they have become servants of the left hand path.  All
right hand pathers, who dont tread slowly and develop
strong roots, are destined to fall, and fall very very
hard. We have numerous examples. Leadbeater is a good
one. In my perception, initialy he was a respected
Chelea and  honorable servant of the light, but didnt
develop things in proper order. He started to confuse
fact from fiction. And his training lead his lower
aspects to become augmented. And we can clearly see
the fruits from his tree.

In the letters from the masters, we know that HPB
recieved a copy of everyletter sent to anyone else and
the masters affirmed they hadnt attempted
communication through ANY Medium or Channeler. Thus 
all the channeling done to "go over" HPBs head only
brought those individuals to false teachings. 

Sinnet also fell to this and his ego. Bailey as well,
but lets keep one thing in perspective about her. She
was a fiction writer, and than crossed over, when the
"occult" became something that sold books. Linking her
work to HPBs was partialy to "make money" off of a
very well known work. She created a "believable"
occult exoteric shell, but one that when investigated
is provably NOT related to the teachings of Theosophy
(exoterical and esotericaly). Her writing is a mixture
of truth and falsehood, as the case with most servants
of the Shadow. Thus trapping many within false
doctrine. Did she really channel the teachings ? Sure
- why not. But that doesnt make them valid or having
any relation to the teachings of HPB and the Masters.
I intuitivly dont "feel" she was attempting to
purposfully hurt anyone, she was simply a blind tool,
and her ego convinced her that what she was channeling
was truth.

Many fall into that trap as they havnt developed their
consciousness and can only view things via Ego. Saddly
they will never see the truth beyond their limited
experiance, and will help perpetuate false teachings. 

In my perception, a theophist who attempts to
interpret HPBs writings without inner transformation,
is assisting the Dugpas. Exoteric religions, the great
pursecutors of our kind, are also a very dangerous
manefestation of the left hand path. Those with good
intent, but do not develop along the lines that the
masters laid out, and destroy the ego, will be
decieved and will help spread falsehood. Those seeking
to "sneak" extra info from channeling are doomed to
falure and typicaly attempt to take as many with them
as they can.

So in my perception linking anything of Alice Baileys
to Theosophy is dangerous and not needed. We have
enough material to work with directly from the
Masters, so we can avoid putting ourselves in danger.

Great food for thought.


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