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Re: Theos-World Re: Turning a blind eye

Mar 11, 2008 03:34 PM
by Cass Silva

You are missing the point Konstantin, I am not measuring or comparing the size and damage done by either organizations.  The time in question is when Leadbeater/Besant had full control over the Society, and as you know at this time, many left because of the change of policy, those that stayed however, embraced the new look face of theosophy, and when these charges came about, Leadbeater was in charge of the TS, just like the Pope is in charge of the Catholic Church, and as I said, Rome turned a blind eye to what it's priests were doing, likewise those in the TS at the time turned a blind eye to what Leadbeater was doing.

Konstantin Zaitzev <> wrote:
          --- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@...> wrote:

> Because Konstantin, everything in those days, was swept under the 
> rug. The Catholic Church only in the last 10 years has been forced 

Your are substituting one different thing for quite another.
Theosophical society never had such a power, and moreover, the Church 
which had money and power would use any opportunity to discredit the 
theosophists, as the missionaries have done with HPB. So, if they 
didn't, it means that they hadn't even a slightest proof.


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