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Re: Intro

Mar 11, 2008 01:40 PM
by brian scanlon

Hi Martin,

I practise Wing Chun Kuen (Eternal Praising Springtime
Fist). Its a Southern Chinese martial art that
developed within the Opera actors guild and on the
Opera boats of the mid 1800's, Canton China. 

I practise a rare version from the Mainland called
Yuen Kay Shan Wing Chun, which still has the old world
characteristics and methods.

Most Wing Chun descends from Yip man, a gentlemen who
brought WCK out of the mainland into H.K, when the
communists took over. He modernized the system, and
removed the older structures. 

I prefer the older method where you still have snake
and crane structures, and use a more...internal method
of training.

Ba Gwa is a fine martial art and great to assist
spiritual training. As a combat system it's really
good In my understanding, though I prefer WCK for one
reason. Ba Gwa Kuen(8 Trigrams boxing/Fist)is strickly
circular. Its compliment system is Hsing I Kuen (Mind
Intent boxing/Fist) and is strickly Linear. Wing chun
is both linear and circular and fuses them into one
spiraling power.


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