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Theos-World Buddhi Re: The Coming Teacher?

Mar 11, 2008 01:34 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "Scribe" <scribe@...> wrote:

> I have been troubled by this, too. Apparently it was, as you noted,
> written by AB that animals had a "group soul" and my idea of what
> was said was that when an animal--I'm thinking about my pets--
> when they die their soul will sort of "dissolve" back into the 
> animal soul pool

The term "group soul" which Sinnett, and later Besant have used, 
relates to the causel body, karana sharira, not to the astral body or 
kama-manas. But later this all, like a lower personality of man, will 
be dissolved, or rather reabsorbed, but not into the individual higher 
triad, but into the group soul, which is a huge karana sharira shared 
by many undeveloped higher triads. The exceptions are only the higher 
animals, like dogs and elephants, some of which succeed to develop an 
individual karana sharira. But they will not incarnate among us as 
men, but will wait for another round, when a door from the animal to 
human hingdom will be again open.

See the essay "Future life of Animals" by Sinnett.
It is available among others here:

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