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Re: Theos-World Animals

Mar 10, 2008 03:43 PM
by Cass Silva

Thanks for this explanation Nigel, I don't really think that I thought of it this way.  I thought they and the Lunar Pitris provided the means for our physical and mental bodies.  Are we then the sum total of human evolution.  How for instance would it work for an animal that was incarnating in the human form for the first time.  Where would its bodies come from, if you know what I mean?

nhcareyta <> wrote:
          Dear Cass

You ask, "are the sons of mind with humanity" until when?

The sons of mind, or Manasaputras are ourselves. According to Madame 
Blavatsky and her teachers we are Manasaputras, not simply "ensouled" 
or "covered" as some later literature states.

The chhayas of the Bharishad Pitris provided our physical bodies 
whilst our minds are those of the Manasaputras which arrived during 
the third round.

We are therefore the "sons of mind" until we move beyond mind in 
future evolutionary cycles.

Kind regards

--- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@...> wrote:
> Thanks Nigel,
> This now raises the question "are the sons of mind with humanity" 
until when?
> Cass
> For those who may care to read what HPB says on animals.
> Neo-Theosophy:
> "Thus by their repeated plant-reincarnations the monadic group-
souls in the vegetable kingdom evolve, until those that ensoul the 
highest members of the kingdom are ready for the next step.
> "This step carries them into the animal kingdom, and here they 
slowly evolve in their physical and astral vehicles a very distinct 
personality ... The monadic group-soul incarnates in a decreasing 
number of forms as it gradually approaches the point at which 
complete individualization will be reached ... At last the decreasing 
number of forms animated by a monadic group-soul comes down to unity, 
and it animates a succession of single forms -a condition differing 
from human reincarnation only by the absence of Manas, with its 
causal and mental bodies. The mental matter brought down by the 
monadic group-soul begins to be susceptible to impacts from the 
mental plane, and the animal is then ready to receive the third great 
outpouring of the life of the LOGOS - the tabernacle is ready for the 
reception of the human Monad.
> "... Doubtless, in the course of aeons of evolution, the upwardly 
evolving Monad of form might have unfolded Manas by progressive 
growth, but both in the human race in the past, and in the animals of 
the present, such has not been the course of Nature. When the house 
was ready the tenant was sent down: from the higher planes of being 
the atmic life descended, veiling itself in Buddhi, as a golden 
thread; and its third aspect, Manas, showing itself in the higher 
levels of the formless world of the mental plane, germinal Manas 
within the form was fructified, and the embryonic causal body was 
formed by the union. This is the individualization of the spirit, the 
incasing of it in form, and the spirit incased in the causal body is 
the soul, the individual, the real man ...
> "Further, this outpoured life reaches the evolving forms not 
directly but by intermediaries. The human race having attained the 
point of receptivity, certain great Ones, called Sons of Mind, cast 
into men the monadic spark of Atma-Buddhi-Manas." (Annie Besant, 
Ancient Wisdom, pp. 210-13) [21]
> geovisit(); 
> nhcareyta <nhcareyta@...> wrote:
> --- In, Cass Silva 
<silva_cass@> wrote:
> >
> > I am not sure who it was, but someone spoke about group souls for 
> animals, the reason being, that 'self conscious awareness' is not 
> evolved until we are in the human form. I read also that their are 
> two evolutions happening at the same time, the human and the 
> and that the angelic evolve from the bird kingdom. Maybe someone 
> clarify what HPB's thoughts on this are.
> > Cass
> Dear Cass
> Group soul was a term used by Bishop C W 
> Leadbeater and Dr Annie Besant in their literature.
> Bishop Leadbeater wrote about it variously in 
> "A Textbook of Theosophy", "Man, Visible and 
> Invisible" and "The Inner Life", amongst other 
> of his writings. 
> Dr Besant wrote about it in "A Study in 
> Consciousness" and "Ancient Wisdom", also amongst 
> other of her writings. 
> This is another concept they espoused that 
> manifestly contradicts that of Madame Blavatsky 
> and her teachers.
> It was Bishop Leadbeater, Dr Besant and their 
> followers too who wrote about two streams of 
> evolution. Once again, this is their invention 
> and is in opposition to the Theosophical teachings 
> of Madame Blavatsky and her teachers.
> Regards
> Nigel
> > 
> > Richard Semock <semockr@> wrote:
> > --- In, "christinaleestemaker" 
> > <christinaleestemaker@> wrote:
> > >
> IN 
> > > 
> > > That people make of everything they do'nt understand God or 
> Godesses 
> > > is realy absurd.
> > > Christina
> > 
> > Other teachers like Mx Heindel for instance speak of group 
> such 
> > that lions as a group are guided by a group spirit. Birds of 
> various 
> > types are guided by their own group spirit and this is the basis 
> > instinct that mysteriously guides them in their mass migrations 
> > perfectly synchopated flight. 
> > 
> > I dont find it absurd to believe that we are guided or propelled 
> a 
> > group spirit (or in 7 rays) of our own whose method 
> > interaction with us lies in finer energys such as kundalini. 
> > 
> > This extends to the next level of control which is seen in the 
> zodiac 
> > which is the womb of the solar system and there are no doubt 
> > upon layers on top of those. A rather cozy arrangement dont you 
> think?
> > 
> > 
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