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Re: Theos-World Re: Animals

Mar 10, 2008 08:42 AM
by Scribe

Thank you, Nigel, and everybody here,

Not only here in this forum, but I'm think it is so nice to be among animal lovers, there seems to be this happy, warm feeling around.

I'm reminded that (one of the things) I need to work on is to raise my feelings and compassion for fellow humans to that level...

But what your posts brought to mind was the--for want of a better word in this forum--*psychic* abilities of pets. I'm reminded of stories on TV about cats in nursing homes, who always seem to know when a patient is going to pass on, this may sound goulish but I think they are in rapport with that person and are in some way helping with the transition.

This reminds me of a set of paperbacks I read over 30 years ago about "the Tibetan", by Lobsang Rampa, and in it the author said that when we sleep there's like a white thread that emanates from our head and goes up in the sky or something...

I know I've obverved that my cats always seem to be looking somewhere around the top of my head when I hold them, like they're checking the colors of my aura/head chakra/astral body to sense my mood. They sleep at the foot of our bed and I know they know when I'm awake because every morning as soon as I wake up--even though I don't stir a muscle--they'll get up and stretch and come up and nuzzle me--and I'll pet them and frizz them up and we'll all jump out of bed and start the day. Another great day. :)

Thank you all,

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  From: nhcareyta 
  Sent: Monday, March 10, 2008 11:09 AM
  Subject: Theos-World Re: Animals

  Dear Don

  Thank you for this heart warming/wrenching story.
  You have shared such an intimate experience with us.

  Connections with animals can touch us in the 
  deepest of ways.

  Through real experiences, despite some of 
  Theosophy's propositions, we are left wondering 
  about their degree of consciousness, if not 

  When we had to euthanase one of our dogs a few 
  years ago, the impact was emotionally devastating. 
  We had shared each other's lives for over eleven 
  years, through many eventful times. Our locked 
  eyes whilst she was being injected connected us 
  at the deepest level of emotion and, like you, 
  tears flowed unashamedly.

  We brought her body home and placed it into a hole 
  next to our biggest tree in the back garden.

  Following this something extraordinary happened.

  Our family also included two cats we had rescued 
  some ten years earlier, a mother and daughter.

  Neither had ever been into the back garden because 
  of our dog. Their territory was the front garden as 
  well as inside the house.

  Two or three minutes after we had laid Boo to rest, 
  my wife and I sat down on our garden seat and almost 
  immediately Mumpuss came from behind us and lay at 
  my feet in exactly the place where Boo used to, in 
  exactly the same sprawled out position.

  She had climbed a trellis, onto and over the roof of 
  the house, and across and down a pergola covered in 
  thick ivy, something she had never done before, and 
  lay at my side. 

  Coincidence is a totally irrational explanation. 

  It goes without saying, this and other unusual or 
  unpredictable experiences with our family of animals 
  are inexplicable in ordinary terms although easily 
  understood from the Theosophical perspective of 
  interconnectedness. Moreover, morphogenic fields 
  and holographies help provide a more scientific 

  What cannot be denied is the sympathetic connection 
  between animal and human where love rather than 
  utility is involved. Our tears demonstrate 
  infinitely more than mere emotion, and needs 
  be rejoiced.

  Whether this is beneficial for the animal or 
  ourselves in our respective evolutionary journeys 
  is a moot point, something we can discuss in my 
  next posting in answer to your earlier one.

  Kind regards

  --- In, "Scribe" <scribe@...> wrote:
  > Thanks, Cass, I just love animals so much. We have three pets, they 
  all adopted us, we live in a condo complex and I guess their owners 
  dropped them off here for some reason. Anyway, one day a couple of 
  years ago I saw a big cat out in our courtyard so I made food for it 
  thinking we were going to have a new arrival. He was a big, black 
  male cat. He was the biggest cat I ever saw, about three or four 
  years old, as big as a small dog. I made friends with him and tried 
  to get him to come inside and eat but he wanted to stay outside so I 
  would go outside and sit with him while he ate. He would be at the 
  front door every morning. This want on for a couple of weeks. I took 
  him to our vet and got him checked out and neutered, in anticipation 
  of bringing him inside for good because there are some neighbors who 
  hate cats and put out traps for them, which I checked every night. 
  One day I realized I hadn't seen him for a couple of days. I waited 
  another day, worried all night. The next day I went to the animal 
  shelter to see if he were there. I saw rows and rows of cages of 
  little cats and they all looked at me and meowed at me with their big 
  beautiful eyes. They had a couple of days and if they didn't get 
  adopted they'd be put to sleep. He wasn't there. I got back to the 
  parking lot and just stood by my car and cried like a baby. I just 
  cried for them and the fact that I couldn't help them all, I couldn't 
  help it, and to this day I won't drive on that street. The next 
  morning he was standing outside the door waiting to be fed just like 
  nothing had happened. I fed him just like nothing had happened. He 
  came back for a couple of days. Then he wasn't there anymore. I don't 
  know what happened to him or where he had been staying. I didn't go 
  to the shelter. I really loved him right from the start, in a way I 
  can't explain. My eyes are welling up right now. I named him 'Ebo' 
  and I don't know why, the name just came to me right after the first 
  time he let me pet him. I'm sorry I just couldn't go back to that 
  shelter, although we drove all over the neighborhood for weeks after 
  looking for him. We live near a university and it was near the end of 
  semester and maybe his student owner took him back home with them. I 
  love you, Ebo.
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  > From: Cass Silva 
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  > Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2008 8:06 PM
  > Subject: Re: Theos-World Animals
  > If I have read HPB right Scribe, I would say that they are just 
  waiting for the human form in order to commence evolving self-
  conscious awareness. So this suggests that they are individualised 
  and although endowed with consciousness await self consciousness 
  which can only evolve through the human form.
  > I too struggled with my pets as group souls as they were closer 
  to the human kingdom than the animal kingdom. My daughter's labrador, 
  much to my disdain, would sleep in the bed with her as a child, under 
  the blankets with her head on the pillow!!!!
  > Cass
  > Scribe <scribe@...> wrote:
  > Dear Nigel,
  > I have been troubled by this, too. Apparently it was, as you 
  noted, written by AB that animals had a "group soul" and my idea of 
  what was said was that when an animal--I'm thinking about my pets--
  when they die their soul will sort of "dissolve" back into the animal 
  soul pool, sort of like the "shape-shifter" in Babylon 5 or 
  whichever. This bothered me and I was saddened by it. Then later I 
  read a contraction (I guess by AB again) saying that statement had 
  caused controversy and it was wrong. Also, I recall it being 
  intimated that actually being close to an animal--pet--is doing it no 
  favors because it's difficult for it to handle the increase in 
  vibrations/evolution being in such contact and rapport with humans, 
  in fact after they die they go into some kind of limbo until the next 
  Mantavara when they can progress. In other words, that it was better 
  not to get too close or emotionally attached because it wasn't good 
  for them, or it would be hard or difficult for them,
  > because of the increased something or other.
  > But, reading the links you provided in your post, I don't see how 
  they address that issue, in fact the second one seems to agree with 
  the concept of animal group souls.
  > I guess the question is: Are the animal souls individual--I guess 
  I'm talking about domesticated pets--and can we meet again some day 
  (because there's so much love there)?
  > Scribe
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  > Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2008 8:37 PM
  > Subject: Theos-World Buddhi Re: The Coming Teacher?
  > --- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@> wrote:
  > >
  > > I am not sure who it was, but someone spoke about group souls 
  > animals, the reason being, that 'self conscious awareness' is not 
  > evolved until we are in the human form. I read also that their 
  > two evolutions happening at the same time, the human and the 
  > and that the angelic evolve from the bird kingdom. Maybe someone 
  > clarify what HPB's thoughts on this are.
  > > Cass
  > Dear Cass
  > Group soul was a term used by Bishop C W 
  > Leadbeater and Dr Annie Besant in their literature.
  > Bishop Leadbeater wrote about it variously in 
  > "A Textbook of Theosophy", "Man, Visible and 
  > Invisible" and "The Inner Life", amongst other 
  > of his writings. 
  > Dr Besant wrote about it in "A Study in 
  > Consciousness" and "Ancient Wisdom", also amongst 
  > other of her writings. 
  > This is another concept they espoused that 
  > manifestly contradicts that of Madame Blavatsky 
  > and her teachers.
  > It was Bishop Leadbeater, Dr Besant and their 
  > followers too who wrote about two streams of 
  > evolution. Once again, this is their invention 
  > and is in opposition to the Theosophical teachings 
  > of Madame Blavatsky and her teachers.
  > Regards
  > Nigel
  > > 
  > > Richard Semock <semockr@> wrote:
  > > --- In, "christinaleestemaker" 
  > > <christinaleestemaker@> wrote:
  > > >
  > IN 
  > > > 
  > > > That people make of everything they do'nt understand God or 
  > Godesses 
  > > > is realy absurd.
  > > > Christina
  > > 
  > > Other teachers like Mx Heindel for instance speak of group 
  > such 
  > > that lions as a group are guided by a group spirit. Birds of 
  > various 
  > > types are guided by their own group spirit and this is the 
  basis of 
  > > instinct that mysteriously guides them in their mass migrations 
  > > perfectly synchopated flight. 
  > > 
  > > I dont find it absurd to believe that we are guided or 
  propelled by 
  > a 
  > > group spirit (or in 7 rays) of our own whose method 
  > > interaction with us lies in finer energys such as kundalini. 
  > > 
  > > This extends to the next level of control which is seen in the 
  > zodiac 
  > > which is the womb of the solar system and there are no doubt 
  > > upon layers on top of those. A rather cozy arrangement dont you 
  > think?
  > > 
  > > 
  > > 
  > > 
  > > 
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